Is Lime Lush an American Company?

Yes, Lime Lush an American Company. Lime Lush Boutique is a women’s online clothes store. They offer hundreds of complete looks, or single pieces, to suit almost any event. They supply the modern market with stylish and trendy products.

 Lime Lush

Lime Lush Company Details

Headquarters Saint George, Utah, United States
Industry Fashion, Clothing, Apparel
Founded Year not specified
Key Products Women’s Clothing, Dresses, Tops
Global Presence Lime Lush operates globally, ships internationally
Market Focus Specializes in trendy and affordable women’s fashion
Notable Products Maxi Dresses, Blouses, Sweaters, Bottoms
Online Presence Active on social media platforms and e-commerce sites
Shipping Locations Ships to various countries worldwide
Customer Base Targets women seeking fashionable and chic clothing
Design Inspiration Influenced by current fashion trends and styles
Quality Assurance Focuses on quality fabrics and comfortable designs


Lime Lush shop, LLC is an online shop selling shoes, accessories, and clothing for women. The Company provides blouses, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, leggings, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, socks, heels, boots, sandals, jewellery, bras, handbags, belts, purses, and hair accessories.


Lime Boutique is housed in a central business district building from the early 19th century in the thriving town of Lambertville, New Jersey. The halfway point between Philadelphia and New York City is Lambertville. As a result, a lot of city dwellers now travel to this destination town to take in the historic setting and Delaware River vistas. This little town is well-known for its vibrant art scene and antiquities.

Lime is the finest fashion boutique that carries the best accessories and apparel for ladies. The interior of the store features clean white walls,¬†enormous mirrors, and metal accents. Every item of clothing is thoughtfully chosen, hung, and merchandised in a minimalist manner. Their roomy drawing rooms are sure to please, with a selection of classics as well as knits which will be cherished for years to come, along with designer purses and denim as well as current trends. With a team that is informed and focused on providing excellent customer service, Lime stays true to the definition of a “boutique” store by offering an array of the most sought-after modern lines. Their intention is to enhance and elevate your purchasing experience.


Lime Lush Boutique is an online retailer of trendy goods with a focus on women’s wear. The brand sells tops,¬†dresses, and other boutique-style apparel that is well-tailored and appropriate for both special events and daily use. Lime Lush Boutique’s main market is the online retail sector.

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