Is Zulily a Chinese Company?

No, Zulily is not a Chinese Company.

Seattle, Washington, served as the corporate home of the American online retailer Zulily, LLC. Young mothers interested in name-brand products for their kids were its target market. It did not keep inventory; instead, it combined vendor-owned goods shipments at its fulfillment facilities or used drop shipping to deliver goods straight to consumers. Every day, Zulily gave a different bargain. Mobile devices accounted for 50% of Zulily’s order volume in 2014. The corporation declared in December 2023 that it was going out of business.


Zulily Company Details

Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Industry E-commerce, Retail
Founded 2009
Product Focus Apparel, Home Goods, Toys, Accessories
Global Presence Ships to the United States
Market Focus Discounted deals on various products
Notable Products Clothing, Home Decor, Kids’ Toys
Style Varied, Affordable
Manufacturing Worldwide, sourcing from various countries
Online Presence Website, Mobile App, Social Media
Customer Base Bargain hunters, Parents, Homeowners
Shipping Ships within the United States
Returns Return and exchange policy available
Customer Support Online chat, email, phone


Former Blue Nile executives Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens launched Zulily in 2009 because Vadon’s wife became pregnant, and he was overwhelmed by the procedure of obtaining the goods they had not realized they needed. On January 27, 2010, Zulily launched, initially concentrating on clothing for kids. As of the 2010 fourth quarter, Zulily was operating at a positive cash flow.


The company sells home goods, toys, clothes, and shoes. With thousands of products at discounted prices and hundreds of sales, it generates an immersive shopping experience.

Additionally, the business employed a unique fulfillment method by selling goods on its website before placing vendor orders. This “inventory-light” approach gave more control to the supply chain and fulfillment.

Zulily created software that would hyper-personalize each customer’s experience depending on their clicks and purchases on the technological front. Additionally, it had a strong content department because of office photo sessions that contributed to the website’s seamless catalog-like vibe.

Latest News

Zulily made a big splash when it first started in 2009 and went on to raise money through an IPO in 2013. Amazon and other e-commerce sites later reduced that, according to Zulily, which hindered its business, as reported by The Seattle Times. A private equity firm acquired it in May. After failing to turn a profit, the American online shop Zulily is shutting down, shocking customers, and terminating hundreds of employees. But according to a recent Forbes Report Zulily To Reopen After Being Acquired For $4.5 Million By Beyond inc.


With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Zulily, LLC is an American e-commerce company rather than a Chinese one. The Qurate Retail Group owns Zulily, which Darrell Cavens and Mark Varden founded.

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