Bikaner Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

The well-known Indian cuisine brand Bikanervala gives budding business people the opportunity to become part of their profitable franchise and own a portion of this well-known company.  Bikanervala is a well-known brand throughout the nation and is thought to be among the most well-known families producing traditional candies. The enormous treasure trove of traditional Indian sweets, spices and namkeens, that have been produced and refined over a very long period is the source of Bikanervala’s outstanding name and fame. The primary characteristic of Bikanervala is the inventiveness and high caliber of Indian cuisine, particularly in sweets and snacks. It guarantees customers the highest quality, flavor, and hygiene. It offers you the authentic flavor of homemade snacks and desserts. The best culinary experience can only be achieved by fusing traditional expertise with contemporary technology, as demonstrated by bikanervala.


About Bikanervala

With its headquarters located in Delhi, Bikanervala is a worldwide Indian snack food company as well as restaurant chain which specialized in Indian snacks and sweets. There are 150 restaurants in the brand worldwide, including 150 in India. Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd. offers you a fantastic chance to delight your patrons with the delectable Bikanervala cuisine and snacks. As the name implies, Bikanervala is a dish from the well-known Rajasthani city of Bikaner, that is most known for its wide variety of cuisine and desserts.

The business opened for business in 1952 and began franchising in 1992. There are fourteen Bikanervala franchise locations. You will appreciate Bikanervala cuisine because of the delicious snacks and candies from the Bikanervala household. Bikanervala Pvt. Ltd. is quickly becoming a major player in the world market, not only providing food for the Indian people living abroad, but also creating new recipes for the worldwide market.

Why Pick Bikanervala as a Franchise-Margin of Profit

The precise profit margin that a Bikanervala franchisee can make varies, but considering the brand’s renown and clientele, it can be substantial. Numerous factors, including as geography, market demand, product mix, and operational efficiency, affect the profit margin. On the other hand, a Bikanervala franchise typically makes between 10% and 15% profit.

Fees and Requirements

To apply for a Bikanervala franchise in India, the owner must commit to a franchise agreement that will last between two and five years, after which a new agreement may be made or the prior agreement may be renewed. There is no annual royalty or sales commission due to the corporation.

The Bikanervala Franchise required an initial investment of ₹65,00,000 Rupees as per the business plan. According to the model, the franchise fee ranges from ₹10,00,000 Rupees + GST to ₹15,00,000 Rupees + GST. 1500 square feet is the minimum area needed. 8% of sales will be used as the royalty rate.

Breakdown costs

  • Infrastructure investment-INR 25-40 lakhs
  • Franchise fee-INR 10 lakhs
  • Inventory-INR 5-10 lakhs
  • Staff salaries-INR 1-2 lakhs per year
  • Marketing and advertising-INR 50,000 per year
  • Insurance, utilities, and other overhead expenses-INR 1 lakh per year
  • Total cost-INR 41-51 lakhs

Please note that the above-mentioned costs are the estimated costs and it is recommended to check on the official website.

Area requirements

A Bikanervala franchise requires a built-up space of between 1200 to 2000 square feet. The owner may choose to buy the commercial space outright or to rent it out.

Application Process

Those who are interested in starting a Bikanervala franchise in India may get in touch with the New Delhi-based corporate headquarters. The official Bikanervala website is another place where you may submit your franchise application online.

After receiving the application, which should contain all pertinent information, the Bikanervala staff will analyze it and assist candidates with the next steps. Those interested in applying for a Bikanervala franchise can reach them directly at 011-4700-6735, which is their franchise contact number.

You can get in touch with the organization via the following address and support numbers to apply for a Bikanervala franchise:

  • A-28 Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110035, INDIA
  • Customer Care: 011-4700-6735
  • Corporate: 011-4700-6700


In India, opening a Bikanervala franchise can be a lucrative business venture for individuals with a passion for the culinary sector. Bikanervala franchise is a very successful enterprise and the brand makes up one of the most well-known families of traditional sweet producers due to its extensive recognition and renown. Bikanervala has a devoted following of customers thanks to its dedication to quality, taste, and hygiene. With a solid business plan, all-inclusive support, and a well-known brand, Bikanervala gives potential franchisees the chance to share in their success. You can begin the thrilling path of owning and running a Bikanervala franchise by carefully assessing the investment, properly comprehending the procedure, and actively planning.

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