Top 10 Cities For Real Estate Investment in India

Many experts are speculating that the real estate boom is about to hit India big time, and if you are an eager investor, this may be a big opportunity for you to get into it and make big profits, you know? Well, before you dream about that and come to the reality, we wanna let you know that you must know where to look for such opportunities. And that is precisely why we are here with a list of the top 10 Indian cities to invest in real estate as of 2024. Before going to the list let’s know what factors should be consider when choosing a city for real estate investment?

Here are some key factors to think about:

  • Economic growth: Cities with strong and growing economies tend to have a stable or rising demand for housing, which can lead to capital appreciation.
  • Infrastructure development: Good infrastructure, like transportation networks and social amenities, makes an area more attractive to residents and businesses, potentially increasing property values.
  • Real estate market trends: Look for cities with a healthy real estate market with steady growth and reasonable vacancy rates.
  • Rental yields: If you plan to rent out your property, consider cities with good rental yields, which is the annual return on your investment.
  • Your investment goals: Are you looking for capital appreciation, rental income, or a combination of both?

Top Indian Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Now, these are going to be the cities that are likely to give you the highest ROI in the year 2024 in the entirety of India.

1. Bangalore


Now, let’s kick things off with Bangalore, or as many would say, the Silicon Valley of India. It’s 2024, and this city is pretty much leading the real estate investment race. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a hotspot for the IT crowd and startup geniuses. Imagine this, huge international companies and those fancy hotel chains are all eyeing up the scene. You’ve got places like Bellandur, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, and Koramangala, where luxury meets convenience, quite literally! Thinking of a place that blends those lush green views with a modern city vibe? Bangalore is your answer, my friend. And yeah, with new metro lines coming up, it’s only getting better for real estate investment.

Population (Approx) 1,40,08,000
Area (sq km) 741 km²
GDP (Estimated) 300 Billion USD

2. Mumbai

Alright, next up is Mumbai, the financial powerhouse of India, and it’s not slowing down in the real estate world either. Sure, it’s one of the costliest places, but the investment chances here? They’re something else, especially in areas like Goregaon, Mulund, and Kandivali. These spots offer that perfect mix of being easy on the pocket yet well-connected, ideal for both homes and offices. What’s special about Mumbai? It’s always evolving, always something new like Mumbai Metro, the Mumbai Trans-Harbour link. For investors, Mumbai’s a dynamic playground, where luxury and practicality go hand in hand.

Population (Approx) 2,61,29,000
Area (sq km) 603.4 km²
GDP (Estimated) 310 Billion USD

3. Pune

Now, let’s talk about Pune. It’s climbing up the real estate ladder like crazy, all thanks to its solid infrastructure and tech scene. Known as the Oxford of the East, Pune is more than just a brainy hub, it’s actually got a booming IT sector too. Real estate here? It’s jumped by 75%! And with government schemes like PMAY boosting the market, Pune’s real estate is buzzing. The city’s mix of educational institutes, healthcare facilities, and big projects like the new airport and Industrial Park, makes it a no-brainer for long-term real estate investment.

Population (Approx) 71,84,000
Area (sq km) 15.642 km²
GDP (Estimated) 69 Billion USD

4. Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s next, and it’s a mix of the old and the new, you know? Known for being more affordable than other big cities, it’s got all the infrastructure perks. It’s a home for many multinational companies, which ups its game for both residential and commercial investments. Plus, with highways like NH765 and NH44, getting around is super easy. And you know what? Hyderabad’s online property services are top-notch, making investing here smoother and more reliable. If you’re all about a city that marries tradition with modernity and offers quality living at a decent price, Hyderabad’s your smart pick.

Population (Approx) 1,09,01,000
Area (sq km) 650 km²
GDP (Estimated) 83.5 Billion USD

5. Chennai

And then there’s Chennai, or as some say, the Detroit of India. This city’s been a steady player in the real estate game. What’s driving it though? Low-interest rates and attractive offers from big-name developers. But wait, there’s more, it’s not just the city center that’s growing; the rural areas are stepping up too, offering more in terms of shopping and entertainment. Infrastructure’s getting a boost as well, with projects like the Chennai Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor and the Chennai Bangalore Highway. The manufacturing and IT sectors are booming, opening up loads of job opportunities. For real estate investment, we would definitely say that Chennai is definitely a city to watch out for.

Population (Approx) 1,22,90,000
Area (sq km) 426 km²
GDP (Estimated) 128.3 Billion USD

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6. Noida

Okay, so next up on our list, we’ve got Noida. And let me tell you, it’s not just growing, it’s absolutely booming as a real estate haven. Why, you ask? Well, a lot of it has to do with some seriously clever planning and infrastructure upgrades. But here’s the real thing though: the upcoming Noida International Airport. That’s right, this is no small deal. It’s a massive leap in boosting the city’s connectivity, making Noida a magnet for folks looking to invest. Add to that the new sectors sprouting along the Yamuna Expressway, and bam! You’ve got yourself a goldmine of opportunities for both living spaces and business locales.

Population (Approx) 9,03,000
Area (sq km) 203 km²
GDP (Estimated) Rs. 1,66,320.81 crores

7. Gurgaon

Next, we slide into Gurgaon. Now, hold on, don’t just scroll past thinking it’s the same old story. Known as the Millennium City, Gurgaon’s got its game on point as a leading financial and tech giant. And yeah, its proximity to New Delhi is just the cherry on top. The city’s like a magnet for top-notch companies, attracting a whole sea of professionals. What does that mean for real estate though? You guessed it, a soaring demand for housing. Gurgaon’s transformation into an urban hotspot, peppered with high-end malls, swanky apartments, and a nightlife that’s the envy of many, makes it a no-brainer for investors hunting for dynamic and upscale real estate gems.

Population (Approx) 12,80,000
Area (sq km) 732 km²
GDP (Estimated) 140 Billion USD

8. Ahmedabad

And now, let’s talk about Ahmedabad. This city’s not just about its rich cultural tapestry, nah man, it is also striding ahead in the real estate race. Being part of the Smart City project? That’s a big thumbs-up for its urban development. The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority isn’t playing around, they’re snagging land for all kinds of housing projects, pushing the city’s boundaries into new realms of potential. Combine its historical charm with a dash of the latest urban planning, and Ahmedabad becomes a real head-turner for investors, you know? For those looking to invest, Ahmedabad’s a well-rounded package you shouldn’t miss.

Population (Approx) 90,35,000
Area (sq km) 505 km²
GDP (Estimated) 110 Billion USD

9. Kolkata

Coming in at number nine is Kolkata, the cultural heartbeat of India and now, a rising star in the real estate scene. Compared to other metro cities, Kolkata’s got the edge in affordability, and it’s riding a high tide of infrastructural developments and real estate transactions. The city’s playing its cards right with government policies like property tax breaks, turning it into a hotspot for savvy investors. Looking for a place that marries the old with the new? Kolkata’s your answer for an investment that’s as unique as it is promising.

Population (Approx) 1,55,70,786
Area (sq km) 206.1 km²
GDP (Estimated) 160 Billion USD

10. Thane

Last but not least, let’s shine the spotlight on Thane. Sitting pretty close to Mumbai, this city is like the new one in the real estate scene. It’s got the perks of being near the big city life of Mumbai, but without burning a hole in your wallet. Thane’s buzzing with growth in its economy and social infrastructure, sparking a real estate boom. Think IT companies, manufacturing units, and big-name MNCs, they’re all here, and they’re creating jobs that drive up housing demands. And with projects like the metro rail and Urban Rail Transit System on the horizon, Thane’s about to get a connectivity upgrade.

Population (Approx) 26,13,000
Area (sq km) 147 km²
GDP (Estimated) Rs. 3,87,47,000 Crores


That’s about it for today. In the end, all we can say is that if you are into the whole real estate scene, these are by far the best and top cities you should keep an eye on. The real estate market in these cities will be the most exciting one, not just in 2024 though, but in the coming few years or so.

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