Physics Wallah Business Model: How Does Physics Wallah Make Money?

Physics Wallah (PW) became big during the pandemic. The founder, Alakh Pandey, started a YouTube channel out of a love for teaching. Now, it’s India’s 101st Unicorn. Their story is inspiring from starting small, facing challenges, to becoming a unicorn. The article discusses their growth, funding, and how they made it despite the tough times.

Tech and cheap tools are changing how we learn, making it easy and fun. No need for books anymore – learn wherever and whenever you want. COVID-19 made online learning popular, and now, EdTech startups are growing fast. They bring cool ways to learn, promising a bright future for education.


Origin Country India
Established year 2016
CEO Alakh Pandey
Headquarters Noida , India
Founder Alakh Pandey,  Prateek Maheshwari
Revenue Rs 779.3 crore in FY23
Products Online education platform for each Indian student for IIT & AIIMS and other categories
Number Of employees 12,000+

About Physics Wallah:

Physics Wallah was started in 2014 by Alakh Pandey. It’s an EdTech startup helping students from classes 6 to 12 with affordable and quality e-learning. They cover JEE, NEET, and other exams, offering live and scheduled classes: doubt-solving sessions, structured materials, and tests for self-evaluation.

Physics Wallah started as a YouTube channel and has helped over 6 million students. They offer 13,700 video lectures, with both free and paid classes. Known for experienced and quality coaching, Physics Wallah has gained the trust of many students.

Physics Wallah Industry:

Physics Wallah is part of the EdTech industry. EdTech has grown a lot in India in the last ten years. In the past five years, about 4,450 EdTech startups have started. The EdTech market was worth $750 million in 2020 and is expected to reach a big $4 billion in the next five years.

In the past ten years, the money and support for these startups have grown 32 times. People think EdTech will eventually replace offline learning, but experts and VCs say a mix of both (online and offline), called omnichannel learning, will stay popular for the next ten to twenty years.

Physics Wallah’s Business Model:

Physics Wallah’s business is to give classes and train students online, offline, or both. They also help with coaching for national-level entrance exams and make money through these educational services.

Paid Courses And Subscriptions:

Physics Wallah makes money by offering paid courses and subscriptions for personalized learning to university students. They also earn from YouTube ads, adding to their income through online content.

Advertisement Revenue:

Physics Wallah makes money by showing ads on its platform. Companies pay them to display these ads, helping Physics Wallah earn revenue and continue providing services.

Product Sales:

Physics Wallah makes extra money by selling cool stuff like T-shirts and accessories with their logo. It’s a way to promote their business among students.

Physics Wallah Funding and Investors:

Physics Wallah funded itself for six years, after starting as a YouTube channel until 2022. Alakh Pandey used his YouTube earnings to start Physics Wallah and created the PW app in 2020. On June 7, 2022, they got $100 million in funding from Westbridge Capital and GSV Ventures. This made Physics Wallah a unicorn worth $1.1 billion after the investment.

Physics Wallah Growth:

Physics Wallah started slow, but in 2017, Alakh Pandey left his coaching job to focus on YouTube full-time. By 2019, the channel had 2 million subscribers. During the COVID-19 lockdown, more people wanted to use Physics Wallah.

In response, Alakh Pandey expanded the platform and launched an app for online lectures. The startup, PW Pathshala, now offers both offline and online classes. Over 60 lakh students have learned from Physics Wallah, with 16 PW Pathshala centers and a staff of 1,500, including 300 teachers, aiming to provide the best learning experience.


Physics Wallah’s growth journey is impressive. Alakh Pandey’s commitment, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, expanded the platform to include PW Pathshala. Millions of students have benefited, making Physics Wallah a significant player that combines offline and online classes for the best learning experiences. The story highlights the importance of determination and adaptability in education.