Burger Singh Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Burger Singh is a famous Indian success story. Kabir Jeet Singh started it when he came back from Oxford in November 2014. He wanted it to be India’s biggest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain. In just 8 years, Burger Singh has become a big name in Indian fast food. They have over 175 stores in more than 75 cities. It’s the fastest-growing burger chain in India and ranks 3rd in burger delivery volumes. It’s the most profitable burger franchise in India with the quickest growth rate. Let’s look into Burger Singh Franchise Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, and Application Process.


Burger Singh Franchise Fees

The Burger Singh franchise costs around 24 lakhs plus GST to start, covering setup, franchise fees, and running expenses. There are four types of franchises you can choose from:

1.   Express

Costs around 21 lakhs to set up, with a franchise fee of 3 lakhs. You could earn up to 1.5 lakhs or more per month, with an annual return on investment of 34%.

2.   Food Court

Starts at 28.5 lakhs for setup with an 8 lakh franchise fee. You might earn up to 2 lakhs or more monthly, with an annual return on investment of 26.90%.

3.   Dine-In

Starting setup costs are around 36 lakhs, with an 8 lakh franchise fee. You could earn up to 2.43 lakhs or more monthly, with an annual return on investment of 27.7%.

4.   Drive-Thru

Setup starts at 56 lakhs with an 8 lakh franchise fee. You could earn up to 4.12 lakhs or more per month, with an annual return on investment of 31%.

Requirements for Burger Singh Franchise

To start a Burger Singh Franchise, you’ll require some important documents:

  • Pan Card or Aadhar card.
  • Bank Passbook.
  • Business’s GST Certificate.
  • Franchise agreement.
  • Passport size photos.
  • Address proof of the site.
  • 360-degree view or video of the proposed location.
  • NOC or any other requested document.
  • Proposed Location (Google Pinned).

The Franchise Agreement lasts for 5 years. The company will provide the ingredients for making burgers. According to the agreement, you should be able to earn back your investment within 1.5 years.

Apply Process for Burger Singh Franchise

When you’re ready to apply for a Burger Singh franchise and you have all the required financial and site information, you can start the process. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the official Burger Singh website and find the franchise form. You can access the form directly using this link: https://www.burgersinghonline.com/franchise/

Fill in the necessary information on the form. This includes your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City
  • State
  • Budget details

After you submit the form, a member of the Burger Singh sales team will contact you either by phone or email to proceed with your application.

That’s it! Just follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to potentially owning a Burger Singh franchise.

Benefits of Burger Singh Franchise

  • You’ll have lots of customers coming back, bringing in steady income.

When people crave a burger, they usually have a favorite place they go to. If you own a Burger Singh franchise and become their go-to spot, you’ll have loyal customers who love your food and keep coming back for more.

  • Your franchise will give you thorough training and support.

The company you’re franchising with will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful business. They’ll also keep supporting you as you grow.

  • You can feel confident that your job is secure.

Working in the fast food and takeout industry, especially with a well-known franchise like Burger Singh, means you’re in a stable field. Plus, the Indian market for fast food is booming right now, so there’s lots of opportunity for success.


So, now you know everything about the Burger Singh franchise. It’s your turn to act. Burger Singh is a top burger place in India that’s growing fast. They’re expanding quickly because their prices are good and they have lots of tasty options. If you want to make good money, this franchise is great for you. Industry experts say their business plan works well. So, get in touch with Burger Singh and book your franchise now for a safe and steady income.