Top 10 Leading Television Companies In India

When you look at the TV brands right here in India, you’ll see a totally different ranking as compared to other parts of the world. For example, here in India, people prefer a brand that offers the perfect balance of good features and decent build quality along with a budget-friendly price range. But you’ll be surprised to see how competitive the TV market has become in India. Why, though? Well, since the preferences of the Indian customers are pretty much way too narrow and specific, that’s the very reason why TV brands must offer something good in the budget segment to actually get into the race and be one of the best-seller brands in the country. And if you are out there looking forward to buying a new TV, you should definitely get to know about these top-tier companies that are selling like crazy. Well, that’s precisely what we will be doing in today’s post because today, we are all about that list of the top 10 leading TV brands in India as of 2024. Alright, here we go now.

List of Popular Television Companies In India

1. Sony


Established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1946, Sony has grown to become a global giant, famed for its innovations in the electronics sector, including television. In India though, Sony is renowned for its excellence, offering a range of state-of-the-art televisions that promise to transport viewers into a world where each visual comes to life, you know? In India, Sony’s success is largely due to its commitment to quality and technology, featuring televisions that promise the finest picture quality for an unforgettable viewing experience. Cutting-edge OLED displays, extraordinary sound technologies, and infallible picture processing, Sony offers nothing but the best in quality TV.

2. Samsung

Founded in Su-dong, South Korea, in 1938, Samsung has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics. Its journey to prominence in the Indian market has largely been because of the bunch of products the brand offers and among those exceptional TVs. It’s the QLED and the Neo QLED TVs that have captured the imagination of Indian consumers, utilizing quantum dot technology to provide an incredible palette of colors with their televisions that offer super deep contrasts. Samsung packages their smart TV features with a user-friendly interface and compatibility with an exhaustive list of apps and services, making their TVs a wonderfully versatile choice for Indian consumers.

3. LG

LG Electronics, established in 1958 in South Korea, has been instrumental in introducing picture-perfect OLED technology to the global electronics market, including in India. The technology is now the recognized industry standard for delivering best-in-class picture quality with perfect blacks and dazzling colors. However, the brand’s success in India does not lie solely in its technological advances. Nah! It has been savvy enough to combine the latest and greatest with the ability to understand the needs and limitations of the Indian consumer. They delivered a range of TV models feature-packed for the high-end user but price-conscious for the Indian consumer. Innovations such as WebOS, celebrated for its ease of use and simplicity, plus smart connectivity solutions via features such as AI ThinQ makes LG TVs just as easy and enjoyable to use.

4. OnePlus

OnePlus first burst onto the scene of the TV industry in April of 2013 in Shenzhen, China. In the short time since they have risen to become a prominent player in the Indian market with their smart TVs. OnePlus prides itself on being different, and it’s not without good reason. Their TVs have been praised for being the best looking by far, a more solid, substantial construction, leading tech such as the QLED displays and Dolby Vision that allows up to 400x the brightness in individual pixels for the most realistic images. For those who are into technology, design, and lots of features in a TV, OnePlus really does serve up the most compelling contrast to the legacy players that dominated the market for most of the last decade.

5. Mi (Xiaomi)

Beijing-based Mi (Xiaomi) was founded in 2010, and it’s one of the newest companies on our list, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the household names in the Indian electronics space, particularly the TV segment. Priding itself as a company that makes high-quality products at affordable prices, has quickly warmed to Indian audiences with its budget segments of Mi TVs, which feature 4K displays with vibrant colors and a strong build quality that puts it on-par with much more expensive offerings in terms of both performance and features. So no wonder why this brand has hit the top 5 on our list today.

6. TCL

So, starting with TCL, born in ’81 in Huizhou, China. They’ve been raising the bar in India, crafting jaw-dropping TVs that won’t drain your wallet. Think: QLED, 4K UHD picture that’ll rock your world, without the sticker shock, you know, the higher price range. And with Android TV built right in, they deliver the world to your screen. As for support? TCL treats you like one of the crew. Need a standout TV that won’t leave you broke and nothing else in your pocket to buy? TCL’s a natural choice.

7. Panasonic

Panasonic is up next, pumping out greatness since 1918 from Osaka, Japan. They’ve won over India, with their TVs that just keep going and keep your screen time sharp with stunning, life-like visuals and smarter interfaces than your morning chai. For those valuing both reliability and thrilling visuals, Panasonic is that perfect mix of Japanese know-how and understanding of what our friends across the border want.

8. Vu

Up next is Vu, in 2006 straight outta California, USA. You see, this newbie is actually fast-moving to the top of the Indian TV list with luxury features at a beautiful price. So, a gigantic 4K screen, colored and so clear you’ll swear you’re there, with the smarts and friendliness you’d expect from the West Coast? Yeah, Vu sounds an awful lot like you now. We would definitely recommend Vu to someone who’s really looking for that budget-friendly TV with decent features so that they can at least have a good time watching movies and TV shows without spending a lot on just a gadget, you know?

9. Haier

Then we have Haier, cruising in from Qingdao, China in ’84 and now climbing the charts in India. They’re known for their smart, energy-efficient TVs that won’t wreck your bank account. With solid HD pictures, bright connectivity, and nice builds, Haier embodies the spirit of working smart over here. Fancy a TV that makes sense and cents? Haier’s got you.

10. Toshiba

Finally, Toshiba, hailing from Tokyo, Japan all the way back in 1875. They’ve found their sweet spot in India, balancing that legendary Japanese up-time with just the features we crave here in India. Toshiba comes with super crisp as well as clear pictures, top-notch color production, and picture quality along with being super gentle to your electric bill kind of smarts. With all the latest 4K and clever tech, they remind us that tradition and innovation can totally get along, you know?


That’s all there is for now. So yeah, if you are out there in the market searching for the best TV, we’d advise you to stick to any of these top 10 brands. Why? Well, that’s likely to ensure that you’ll be good for the most part with your new TV.

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