Top 10 Leading Investment Banks In India

Investment banking is literally a big thing right here in India or can say that it actually has become a big thing in the last one or two decades or so. Well, that’s because finances are literally on the rise right here in India, which is one of the prime reasons, and yeah, ultimately it is a good thing, don’t you agree? In this particular segment, there are few companies, financial institutions, or banks that are providing these investment options, and the financial services to the general public. And yeah, today is the right time to take a good look at the leaders in this industry, sector, or whatever. That’s the reason why we have come up with this post of the top 10 leading investment banks in India as of 2024. So yeah, let’s get to it then, shall we?

Top Investment Banks In India

1. Axis Bank Ltd.

Axis Bank

So, kicking off our list is none other than Axis Bank Ltd., and trust us, there’s a good reason why it’s up here. Born in 1993 as UTI Bank, this one’s a real heavyweight in the Indian investment banking league. Now, what’s the big deal about Axis Bank, you ask? Well, they’ve got this whole arsenal of services, right from retail banking to helping out individuals and big players, to splitting their corporate banking into transaction and investment banking. And if we’re talking global, their international banking division is all about stretching their arms across borders with stuff like trade finance and risk management. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a bank that’s got its fingers in every pie, Axis Bank is your best bet.

2. Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India

Next up, let’s take a good look at the Central Bank of India. This one’s not just a bank, it’s a piece of history. Founded by the legends Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala and Sir Pherozeshah Mehta, it’s got the title of being the first Indian commercial bank fully owned and managed by Indians. Talk about milestones, and this bank’s journey from its birth to a titan in investment banking is littered with them. Despite a few hiccups along the way, like their operations in Burma getting nationalized, they’ve stayed afloat as a beacon of trust in Indian banking.

3. SBI Capital Markets Ltd.


And how can we talk banks without mentioning SBI? A branch of the State Bank of India, this one’s practically a synonym for trust and excellence in Indian investment banking. It’s not just big in India, it’s a global name, thanks to its wide array of services from project advisory to resolving stressed assets. With regional offices dotting India and branches reaching out across the globe, they’re all about meeting diverse financial needs. For anyone hunting for a bank with a rock-solid reputation, extensive services, and global reach, SBI Capital Markets is your unmatched choice.

4. Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays Bank PLC

Alright, let’s switch gears to Barclays Bank PLC. This British multinational is a standout in the Indian investment banking scene. Tracing its roots back to a goldsmith banking business in London, Barclays has bloomed into a global banking giant. Stepping into India, they’ve blended international expertise with a solid grasp of local markets. Offering a suite of services in corporate banking, investment banking, and wealth management, Barclays is your go-to for that global perspective wrapped in comprehensive service. If you’re scouting for a bank that brings world-class expertise to the Indian shores, Barclays is your call.

5. BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

Now, let’s talk BNP Paribas. This French multinational bank is a major league player in the Indian investment banking sector. With its roots deep in Europe and branches spreading worldwide, BNP Paribas in India is like a breath of fresh international air. They’ve got their game divided into Commercial, Personal Banking & Services, and Corporate & Institutional Banking, pretty much covering the whole field. Rising to fame in Europe and spreading its wings into India, BNP Paribas is all about top-tier banking services.

6. IDBI Bank


Now, when we are talking about the big players in the Indian investment banking sector, IDBI Bank surely deserves a shoutout. Cozying up with the Life Insurance Corporation of India and the Indian government, IDBI has been standing tall since 1964. Initially, it was all about giving a boost to the manufacturing sector, but oh boy, how times have changed! Morphing beautifully, IDBI Bank now juggles a myriad of services like a pro, think retail, corporate, and yeah, investment banking too. What really puts IDBI Bank in a league of its own? It’s that killer combo of government support and cutting-edge banking chops. So, if you’re on the hunt for a bank that screams reliability and brags a buffet of services, IDBI Bank is your go-to one.

7. JM Financial

JM Financial

Oh, JM Financial, the pride of Mumbai and a titan in Indian investment banking! The brainchild of Nimesh Kampani, JM started its journey in 1973, not as a banking giant but as a humble consulting firm. Fast forward through the years, and you’ve got yourself a financial powerhouse offering everything from investment banking to wealth management, and a securities business that’s not just an afterthought. They’ve carved out a niche in mortgage lending and distressed credit, making them the best bet for those who crave something a bit more specialized. Looking for a bank with deep Indian roots and a smorgasbord of tailored services? JM Financial is where your search ends.

8. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, the American dream waving its flag in the Indian investment banking scene, is not your average investment company or bank. Nah! Straight out of the Big Apple aka New York, it brings a bit of that world-class pizzazz to our shores. We’re talking investment management, wealth management, and institutional securities and whatnot. Operating in a whopping 41 countries, including our very own India, Morgan Stanley is a testament to global prowess and expertise. If your eyes are set on an investment bank that’s a global powerhouse with a reputation for top-tier excellence, then Morgan Stanley is your front-runner.

9. Avendus Capital


Let’s gab about Avendus Capital, a gem in the realm of boutique investment banks in India. Born in 1999 and calling Mumbai its home, Avendus is not just another investment bank. It’s a big one in financial services, spanning investment banking, wealth management, and alternative asset management. But here’s the thing though, they’re all about tailoring their approach to each client. Think private equity wizardry and due diligence dynamism. If you’re in the market for that personal touch in banking, with a sprinkle of innovative solutions, then Avendus Capital should be your port of call.

10. ICICI Securities Limited


Last but definitely not the least, let’s talk about ICICI Securities Limited. A branch from the ICICI Bank tree, this one’s a tech-savvy hub in the investment banking world. Hailing from 1995 and rooted in Mumbai, it’s a one-stop shop offering everything from investment banking to distributing financial products and managing private wealth. What sets ICICI Securities apart? Well yeah, it’s their undying love for tech and innovation, propelling them to the forefront of banking’s digital revolution.


That’s pretty much it for today. So yeah, if you are in need of some investment options, or you just wanna sign up for some financial service, then these should be the top considerations. You should always stick to the big names when it is actually your hard-earned money on the line, you know? Or you can take the help of investment bankers, they are expert in it.

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