Top 10 Leading Healthcare Companies in India

In today’s world, everyone wants the best healthcare. But it’s hard to get it. People are paying more attention to health issues. It’s important to recognize that healthcare companies are very important for finding good medical care. Many people in India have different diseases. The healthcare system in India is trying hard. In India, the healthcare industry made INR 7940.87 Bn in revenue in FY21. It’s expected to reach INR 18,348.78 Bn by FY 2027. That’s a growth of 18.24% every year.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 leading healthcare companies in India.

1. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Sun Pharma) ranks fourth among the world’s specialty generic pharmaceutical companies and leads India’s pharmaceutical market by market cap as of March 31, 2023. It earns over US$ 5.1 billion globally. Sun Pharma operates more than 40 manufacturing facilities, providing quality, affordable medicines to over 100 countries. The company’s primary focus is manufacturing drugs, including generics. Recently, Sun Pharma has expanded into animal healthcare and technology, diversifying beyond pharmaceuticals.

2. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, based in Chennai, is a big healthcare group in India. It runs 71 hospitals, making it the biggest private hospital network in the country. Apart from hospitals, it also has pharmacies, primary care, and diagnostic centers. Started by Prathap C. Reddy in 1983, it was the first company to offer corporate healthcare in India. Many of its hospitals are accredited by international organizations like the Joint Commission International and NABH, showing their high standards.

3. Cipla

Cipla is a big name in the pharmaceutical world. They started in 1935 in Mumbai, founded by Khwaja Abdul Hamied. Cipla cares deeply about people’s health. They sell over 1,500 products in 80+ countries in different forms to help many patients. They focus on making healthcare affordable worldwide, especially in India, South Africa, and the U.S. For over 80 years, Cipla has been helping patients. Their affordable HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa in 2001 was groundbreaking. Cipla is known for its caring approach to healthcare and its community involvement.

4. Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma is an Indian company that makes medicine and healthcare products. It’s in Delhi. They make things to help with sickness like infections, stomach problems, heart issues, skin troubles, and problems with getting and keeping a strong erection. In 2023, Mankind Pharma had 25 factories and 6 places for research in India. Most of its money, 97%, comes from selling in India. They’re the fourth biggest medicine company in India. Some of their products, like Manforce condoms, Prega News pregnancy tests, and Unwanted-72 emergency contraception, are very popular.

5. Max Healthcare

Max Healthcare Institute Limited, also known as Max Healthcare, is a big healthcare group in India. They have 17 healthcare centers with over 3500 beds. These centers are in NCR Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra. Most of their beds, about 85%, are in big cities like Delhi. Max Healthcare doesn’t just have hospitals. They also have Max@Home and Max Labs. Max@Home gives health services at home, and Max Labs provides Pathology Services outside their hospitals. Abhay Soi is the Chairman and Managing Director of Max Healthcare. The company was formed after Radiant Life Care Pvt bought 49.7% of the old Max Healthcare Institute Limited.

6. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a healthcare company from India, is in Hyderabad. Kallam Anji Reddy started it. He worked in Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited before. They sell products like Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), generics, branded generics, biosimilars, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals worldwide. They have research centers, factories, and offices worldwide. They help over 500 million patients. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories want to help 1.5 billion patients by 2030.

7. Fortis Healthcare Limited

Fortis Healthcare Limited, owned by IHH Healthcare Berhad, is a top healthcare provider in India. It runs 28 facilities with over 4,500 beds and 400+ diagnostics centers. With operations in India, UAE, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, it’s listed on BSE Ltd and NSE of India. Partnering with IHH, it focuses on excellent patient care. With around 23,000 employees, including Agilus Diagnostics Limited, it aims to be the most trusted healthcare network globally. Fortis offers a range of healthcare services from clinics to specialized care.

8. Aster DM Healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare began in 1987 with a small clinic in Bur Dubai, now called Aster Jubilee Medical Complex. Since then, they’ve grown a lot, opening clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. Their hospital in Kerala is a significant achievement. They also run Aster Pharmacy. They’re committed to helping others, evident in initiatives like Dr. Moopen’s Foundation and schools for special needs children.

9. Divi’s Laboratories

Next up is Divi’s Laboratories. Can you believe they started as a research center in 1990? Now, they’re a big deal in the API world. It all started in Telangana, and now look at them! They went public with their IPO in 2003, and then opened a new research center in 2010. Now, they’re famous worldwide for their APIs, which are in antidepressants and blood pressure meds. They also make vitamins and things for food and drinks. With two big manufacturing sites and another one coming soon, they’re climbing the ladder to be a top API producer.

10. Zydus Lifesciences

Zydus Lifesciences Limited, formerly known as Cadila Healthcare Limited, is a top Indian Pharmaceutical company. It provides healthcare worldwide and knows a lot about it. Zydus can do everything from making medicines to taking care of animals. People like it because it offers complete healthcare solutions. It started back in the 1950s by Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel, who was a pioneer in Indian Pharmaceuticals. Zydus wants to make the world healthier and happier.


Over the years, many medical organizations have emerged in India, offering advanced treatments and surgeries. This means you can save money and avoid traveling abroad for medical care. The companies mentioned in the blog can help you start your research, but make sure to do more digging before making a decision. It’s crucial to find the right healthcare company for yourself.