Top 10 Leading Architecture Companies in India

Architecture companies in India hold a lot of the country’s history. They incorporate their style and ideas from the culture to sustain their art. India has many different architectural styles, but the Hindu temple style and Indo-Islamic style are the most famous from the past. For many years, Indians have developed better ways to build strong and aesthetic structures. Even today, traditional architecture rituals called Vastu Shastra still matter to Indian architects. Zipdo experts say it is expected to grow about 5.2% each year from 2021 to 2026.

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 leading architecture companies in India.


1. Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai in 1988. He started SANJAY PURI ARCHITECTS in 1992. The company has done projects covering more than 40 million sq. ft. Currently, they’re working on over 200 projects totaling more than 50 million sq. ft. Their work appears in Indian and over 100 International design magazines. Sanjay Puri has taught at over 100 Indian institutes & conferences and judged the World Architecture Festival. The company has won 225 awards, including Best Housing Project of 2018 and Best Residential Building. They focus on creating innovative and sustainable designs that are both functional and exciting to experience.

2. CP Kukreja Architects

CPKA was founded in 1969. Their aim is to reshape architecture and planning in India. Based in New Delhi, it’s among India’s top architectural firms. With over 1000 projects, 200+ staff, and international clients, it’s ranked in the world’s top 100 and Asia’s top 5. Their approach contains innovation and sustainability. It is quite evident in iconic global buildings. They prioritize vernacular and sustainable design, boasting experts in industrial, housing, and institutional architecture, along with structural engineering.

3. Morphogenesis

Sonali and Manit Rastogi founded Morphogenesis in 1996 to create a sustainable architecture company for modern India. They get their ideas from nature and believe in making buildings that last. Morphogenesis is in the Top 100 Architectural Design Companies worldwide according to Building Design Magazine, WA100, UK. They’re the first Indian company to win the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award. Their work is in a Monograph by Images Publishing, Australia, a first for an Indian company.

4. Abin Design Studio

Abin Design Studio (ADS) is one of India’s top architecture companies. It’s based in Kolkata since 2005, led by Abin Chaudhuri. ADS wins awards nationally and internationally. Since it started, ADS explores new paths, tries different materials and technology, and includes art and culture. The aim is to give life to buildings. It does various kinds of projects from big public buildings to small villa projects. Each project is creative, innovative, and experimental. ADS also works to make design inclusive by doing free projects and public installations.

5. Studio Ardete Pvt Ltd

Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Aggarwal founded Studio Ardete in 2010. They believe every problem can inspire unique solutions for growth. Based in Chandigarh, India, their team focuses on logical design in each project. They aim to create spaces evolving into art, enriching lives. Using modern methods, like parametric modeling, and engaging clients closely, they ensure sustainability. They’ve been featured in architecture magazines and were finalists in WAF 2015.

6. Architecture BRIO

Architecture BRIO, based in Mumbai, India, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, began in 2006. It grew with a lively team of architects led by Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt. They met in Sri Lanka early in their careers, inspired by architect Geoffrey Bawa’s impactful work in stunning natural locations. Bawa’s bold interventions left a lasting impression on them. They carry forward his legacy, crafting designs that harmonize with the environment while making a statement.

7. sP+a ( Sameep Padora & Associates )

sP+a ( Sameep Padora & Associates) is a renowned Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy Studio in Mumbai, wins awards internationally. They handle projects all over India. They focus on each project’s unique needs, putting Type, Program, Design, and Building processes in service to those needs. Instead of just preserving traditions, they adapt techniques for modern use, connecting production processes with local resources. Their approach combines research, collaboration, and collective practice to respond effectively to local needs.

8. IMK Architects

IMK Architects started in 1957. They design buildings in Mumbai and Bengaluru. For 50 years, they aimed to do great work. They’ll keep doing this. They focus on Biophilic Architecture. Their designs fit the environment and connect with nature. They make lively and cozy spaces. People thrive in them. They work closely with clients from start to finish. They always improve and make buildings better for users.

9. Studio Lotus

Studio Lotus started in 2002. Now, after twenty years, it’s one of India’s top architectural firms. Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, Sidhartha Talwar, and Asha Sairam lead it. They believe in learning and being entrepreneurial. Their design approach, called Conscious Design, values local resources, culture, and detail. They aim to create spaces for the future of work, leisure, and living. Whether it’s master plans, buildings, or interiors, they focus on innovation to improve their clients’ lives and businesses.

10. The Purple Ink Studio

The Purple Ink Studio was established in 2011 in Bengaluru. It is a dynamic architecture firm. It’s led by Aditi Pai and Akshay Heranjal, with Nishita Bhatia and Arpita Pai. The team collaborates closely with diverse Design Associates. They believe in a layered, contextual, and experimental approach to architecture. The studio actively explores different scales and types of projects. They’re always seeking innovative ways to blend architecture with the surrounding landscape.


These companies are pushing the boundaries of design and technology to make it more aesthetic. Each company has its own unique style and approach towards architecture, but do you want to know the best part? All the company’s commitment to creating buildings and spaces that are both attractive and beautiful. Whether you are looking to build a new home or a commercial space, these companies definitely deliver exceptional design solutions that will hit your expectations.