Instamojo Business Model: How Does Instamojo Make Money?

Instamojo is a leading fintech player, helping small businesses and people with simple digital transactions. Since it started, Instamojo has been all about making money stuff easy, going beyond the old ways. This look into Instamojo’s way of doing business shows what makes it work well in today’s online money world.


Full Name Instamojo
Founded 2012
Headquarters Bangalore
Founder Sampad Swain
Directors Sampad Kumar Swain and Akash Hoondraj Gehani
Employees 112

Instamojo Business Model Explained

1. Digital Transaction Facilitator

Instamojo is like a bridge, making it easy for small businesses and people to handle digital transactions. You can sell stuff, offer services, or get paid without the headaches of old-fashioned payments. It’s all about keeping things simple, ensuring anyone can smoothly manage digital transactions, no matter how small their business is. This approach removes the hassles connected with traditional payment methods, focusing on making things easy and efficient for users on the Instamojo platform.

2. Transaction Fees

  • Core Revenue Source: Instamojo makes money by taking a small fee from every transaction on its platform. This fee helps cover their costs and keeps things affordable for users. It’s a simple way for Instamojo to support itself while offering a helpful service for businesses and individuals doing digital transactions.
  • Percentage-Based Model: Instamojo charges a percentage of the total transaction amount as its fee. This means the fee grows with the transaction amount, creating a fair and scalable way for Instamojo to make money. It ensures that as transactions increase, so does Instamojo’s income, aligning with the growth of businesses using the platform.

3. Payment Links

Instamojo has a unique feature called “Payment Links.” It lets you make quick and easy payments by creating special links. With Payment Links, you can easily handle transactions without any hassles. Just generate a link, and you’re good to go. This feature makes digital payments simple for both businesses and individuals. It ensures a speedy and smooth experience on Instamojo. Businesses can share these links via various channels. It simplifies the payment process for both the seller and the buyer.

4. Storefronts for Businesses

Instamojo lets businesses build their online stores to display their products and services. This feature goes beyond just transactions – it acts as a digital storefront, giving businesses an online presence. It’s a double benefit: businesses can easily manage transactions and get a space to showcase what they offer. Instamojo ensures that businesses, big or small, can have an effective and accessible online platform. This simplifies both selling and presenting their offerings in the digital landscape. This approach aligns with modern business, where an online presence is crucial for success.

5. Credit and Debit Card Payments

Instamojo lets you pay with credit and debit cards, making it easy for more people to use. This inclusive approach ensures convenience and allows users to choose how they want to pay. By supporting card payments, Instamojo makes its platform versatile, meeting the different needs of its users. It’s a smart choice that welcomes more people and shows that Instamojo is all about making digital transactions simple and flexible for everyone.

6. UPI and Digital Wallet Integration

Instamojo works with popular digital payment methods like UPI and digital wallets, matching what users like. This connection makes it easier for users by providing different ways to pay. By using UPI and digital wallets, Instamojo makes sure that users can pay how they want, keeping up with how people like to handle digital payments. It’s a smart move that follows what’s popular and ensures that users find it easy and comfortable to use Instamojo for their transactions.

7. Subscription Plans

Instamojo might offer special plans for users who want extra benefits. These plans could give you more services, tools, and personal help. This isn’t just about giving more – it’s also a way for Instamojo to make extra money. These plans go beyond the basics, offering users more features for a better experience. It’s a smart move that makes users happy and helps Instamojo financially. So, if you’re looking for more from Instamojo, these special plans could be just what you need for a better and more personalized experience.

8. Partnerships and Collaborations

Instamojo teams up with other businesses or banks. When they work together, they might share the money they make or offer rewards. This helps Instamojo make more money and stay strong financially. By partnering up, both sides benefit, creating a situation where everyone wins. These collaborations not only help Instamojo financially but also bring in new chances for growth and improvement, making sure Instamojo stays active and successful in the changing world of digital transactions.


Instamojo is all about making digital transactions easy for small businesses and people. They focus on fees, cool features like payment links, and different payment methods. This makes Instamojo stand out in the tech world. Adding subscription plans and teaming up with others helps them make money in different ways. As Instamojo keeps up with changes in online transactions, its success comes from putting users first. This approach is why Instamojo keeps growing and staying important in the tech world, where things are always changing.