Khadim’s Franchise Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Among the most well-known shoe companies is Khadim. They are the largest shoe retailer in India and are renowned for producing exquisite, fashionable, and high-quality footwear. This family-owned company makes shoes for children, adults, and elderly people. Their goal is to give their clients a high-quality, reasonably priced product. They are at the top of the market because of their superior products and exquisite selection of shoes, slippers, and sandals.


About Khadim

Located in Kolkata, West Bengal, Khadim India Limited is a multinational Indian footwear firm named Khadim’s. It is largely engaged in producing and retailing accessories and footwear in India’s eastern and southern regions.

Satya Prasad Roy Burma opened the first Khadim store in Chitpur in 1965 as a tiny store. The business is situated in Kolkata. The shoe industry is based in Kanpur and Kolkata. The company manufactures and sells footwear along with associated accessories. Khadim currently ranks among the top 3 companies in the southern region for the sale of branded footwear, and it has about 550 distributors scattered across 23 states that aid in growing their company in the eastern region.

Because of this, they are the top distributor in the footwear sector. At the time of its IPO in 2017, the company had 853 retail locations and was ranked second among Indian footwear brands by the number of store locations. Its two manufacturing facilities are in Kanpur and Kolkata.

Khadim founded Khadim Shoe Bangladesh Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary in Bangladesh, in 2019. Cricket player Shardul Thakur joined Khadim India Limited as a brand ambassador in 2022.

Why Khadim’s Franchise?

Those who purchase a Khadim dealership will reap several advantages. Here are a few of them: –

  • Since the business is among the top in India, selling goods in large quantities without spending money on advertising is quite simple.
  • The company will assist you in setting up the store when you purchase a Khadim franchise.
  • The company offers products for all age groups. It offers stylish, superior-quality products to suit a broad spectrum of customer age groups.
  • The cost of the Khadims followers and accessories is reasonable. The products are also affordable for the middle class. They are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality for the clients.
  • Khadim’s franchise handles a range of product variations. Among numerous other things, they produce shoes, sandals, slippers, and athletic shoes. Product designs are made with cozy materials and consider market trends.

Costs breakdown

  • Unit / Shop Area-500 – 1000 Sq. ft.
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing-80%
  • Infrastructure Investment-Rs. 20 Lac – Rs. 30 lac
  • ROI Timeframe-Approx. 1 Year
  • Adjoining Warehouse Space: 500-700 sq.ft
  • Minimum Frontage: 14ft
  • Market Potential: 10k -12k sale/day (minimum)

Eligibility criteria for Khadim’s franchise

  • The interested party must finish the full 21 years.
  • The store will need between 1000 and 1200 square feet of space to open.
  • The individual must be able to invest between 10 and 20 lakhs.
  • All legal paperwork must be to apply for a franchise.
  • The franchise needs to be knowledgeable and experienced in the shoe industry.

Procedure to apply for Khadim’s Franchise

Step 1: Go to, the official website of Khadim.

Step 2: The “contact us” tab is accessible from the main page. Press the button.

Step 3: The application form will appear on your screen on the following page.

Step 4: Complete all necessary and pertinent information.

Step5: Select the “Submit” option.

Step 6: The company will contact you when they choose to proceed with your application.

Profit margin in Khadims Franchise

As the business expands and wins the confidence of its clientele, the dealer will be able to sell a variety of goods throughout the city. The corporation offers its items with a healthy profit margin. The dealer will profit more from purchasing a Khadims franchise the more items they can sell.


Franchise form:

Contact us @


Currently, Khadims is dispersing dealerships to grow their company across India. A dealership in Khadims is available to people who want to launch their company as a shoe franchise. The prices listed above are estimates; go to their official website for further information.

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