Is Vevor a Chinese Company?

Yes, Founded in 2007, Vevor is a global firm headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company offers a variety of products that are divided into around thirty categories. Vevor provides experts and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with high-quality tools and equipment.


Headquarters China
Industry E-commerce, Retail
Founded 2007
Product Focus Machinery, Equipment, Home & Garden
Global Presence Ships internationally
Market Focus Industrial and home products
Notable Products Machinery, Kitchen Equipment, Tools
Style Diverse, Practical
Manufacturing China
Online Presence Website, Online Marketplaces
Customer Base Industrial businesses, Homeowners
Shipping Worldwide shipping available
Returns Return and exchange policy available
Customer Support Online chat, email, phone


Vevor is an expert in commercial and industrial supplies, home and garden supplies, sporting goods, equipment tools, pet supplies, and kitchenware.

Vevor is renowned for providing a large selection of goods, such as but not exclusive to:

  • Industrial Equipment: Vevor offers welding equipment, power tools, and milling machines, among other industrial-grade machinery and equipment, for various uses.
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances: The company sells a range of kitchen and household appliances, home renovation supplies, and cooking utensils.
  • Outdoor and Garden Products: Vevor offers gardening tools, patio furniture, and various other related products in the outdoor and garden category.
  • Commercial & Business Supplies: Vevor offers a variety of supplies and equipment for use in restaurants and catering establishments, as well as industrial storage solutions.
  • Health and Beauty Products: The business might also sell accessories, massage tables, salon equipment, and other health and beauty supplies.


  • It is an online store. Every one of our goods is covered by a 12-month guarantee and may be returned for a refund within 30 days of delivery if the reason is legitimate! The same warranty covers the replacement products.
  • One well-known company that specializes in tools and equipment is called VEVOR. In addition to having thousands of driven workers, VEVOR offers professional and do-it-yourselfers durable tools and equipment at the best possible pricing. Over 10 million clients in over 200 countries and regions have been happy with VEVOR.
  • One of the BEST creative technical teams at VEVOR consistently lives up to the company’s tagline, “tough tools and equipment that pay less.” Their 30-day free return policy, quick shipping, and round-the-clock customer support consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Shipping Time: 2–6 Business Days (* Heavier and larger products may require additional time and fees). Time of Processing: 1-2 Business Days
  • Payment methods: You can use After Pay, Klarna, Paypal, and credit/debit cards.
  • Verifying the order’s status: The My Orders and Tracking page shows the status of your order as of right now.


Vevor is an online store selling hydroponic gardening supplies, forestry tools, pots, fishing equipment, planters, landscaping coverings, and construction equipment.

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