ITC’s Global Ambitions: Expanding FMCG Footprint Across Continents

Indian conglomerate ITC Ltd. is significantly ramping up its exports, expanding its FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) portfolio to over 70 countries and its agro-business reach to more than 85 countries. This strategic push aims to harness global market opportunities and enhance revenue growth, aligning with the company’s broader vision of becoming a major international player in the consumer goods sector.

FMCG Growth Strategy

ITC Limited

ITC’s FMCG division, which includes well-known brands such as Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo, Savlon, and Yippee, has shown robust growth. In FY22, the segment (excluding cigarettes) reported a revenue increase of 8.6%, reaching ₹15,994.49 crore. The company has identified a substantial market potential of ₹5 trillion for its FMCG products by 2030, driven by continuous product innovation and strategic brand extensions​.

Expanding the Product Portfolio

In the last fiscal year, ITC launched 110 new products, expanding existing brands into adjacent categories. For instance, Aashirvaad, initially known for its staples, has extended into organic and frozen foods, while Sunfeast has diversified from biscuits to cakes. These extensions are part of the “ITC Next” strategy to fortify mega brands and invest in future categories such as frozen snacks and floor cleaners.

Leveraging Global Markets

ITC’s export strategy has gained momentum, with the company establishing distribution networks in over 70 countries for its FMCG products. This international presence is expected to contribute significantly to the company’s revenue, with an annual consumer spend of ₹24,000 crore from newer FMCG businesses​.

Agro-Business Expansion

ITC’s agro-business is also making strides globally, now reaching over 85 countries. The company’s integrated approach, which involves building competitive and inclusive value chains in various agricultural sectors, empowers millions of farmers and supports sustainable growth. This expansion is crucial in securing ITC’s position in the global agro-market and enhancing its contribution to the overall business portfolio.

Challenges and Opportunities

While ITC’s global expansion presents significant opportunities, it also comes with challenges such as geopolitical tensions, economic stress from inflation, and supply-side disruptions. Despite these hurdles, ITC remains optimistic about its growth prospects, backed by India’s promising economic trajectory and government policy measures supporting business recovery​.


ITC’s ambitious plans to accelerate exports and expand its FMCG and agro-business portfolios underline its commitment to becoming a global powerhouse. Through strategic product diversification, robust market penetration, and an inclusive growth model, ITC is poised to harness the vast potential of international markets, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced shareholder value.


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