Is Benelli a Chinese Company?

Yes, Benelli is a Chinese Company. Benelli is a motorbike development and production firm. It is part of the Qianjiang group, which has its headquarters in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China. The company’s registered office is at Strada delle Fornace Vecchia, sn, 61122 Pesaro (PU), Italy. However, the Benelli R&D center, located in Pesaro, Italy, oversees designing and developing Benelli motorcycles. About 250 miles from Shanghai, in Wenling, QJ’s ultra-modern facility produces approximately 1,200,000 vehicles annually. The plant can accommodate over 14,000 workers and is the size of a city!


Benelli Company Details

Headquarters Pesaro, Italy
Industry Motorcycle Manufacturing
Founded 1911
Founder Teresa Benelli
Key Products Motorcycles, Scooters, Accessories
Global Presence Benelli has a global presence, selling in many countries
Market Focus Specializes in producing motorcycles and two-wheelers
Notable Models Benelli TNT 300, Leoncino 500, TRK 502
Parent Company Owned by Qianjiang Group, a Chinese corporation
Innovation Known for blending Italian design with Chinese ownership
Racing Heritage Participated in various racing events and championships
Technology Collaboration Collaborations with other companies for advanced features

Benelli Company History

Benelli was first founded in 1911 as a car repair shop in Pesaro, Italy. Teresa Benelli, a widow, founded the Benelli Garage to give her six boys a steady source of income. Building on their love of motorbikes and technical expertise, they went from offering a range of vehicle services to building their own two-wheeled marvels.

Since its founding in 1911, the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli has left a legacy. Renowned for its stunning designs and superior racing, the firm has a rich history of audacious inventions and noteworthy successes.

An Chinese automobile group took ownership of the company in 2005. In December of that year, the Qianjiang Group—which was well-known for its willingness to make long-term investments—purchased Benelli.


Benelli concentrated on research and development under this new ownership, producing high-end, technologically sophisticated models. As a result, the TRK 502 and Leoncino 500 were successfully launched in 2017, signalling the brand’s global comeback. Remarkably, the TRK 502 shot to the top of the Italian market quite rapidly.


Founded in 1911, Benelli has been a well-known and established motorcycle company in Italy for more than a century. The business has persevered through crises such as war, multiple ownership changes, global economic downturns, and shifting market conditions. Chinese company The Qianjiang Group is the owner of it.

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