Is Amcrest a Chinese Company?

Yes, Amcrest is a Chinese company that makes advanced surveillance systems. They focus on high-quality cameras for homes, small businesses, and big companies. Before releasing a product, they spend a lot of time testing and improving it. They keep things simple and reliable, emphasizing regular updates to make their systems better. This commitment to excellence makes Amcrest a trusted choice for people and businesses looking for effective and secure surveillance solutions.


Is Amcrest an Chinese company? Yes
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States
Industry Surveillance systems
Founded 2013
Founders Abdurahman Ravat
Global presence Cognizant operates globally and serves clients worldwide

Amcrest focuses its services primarily in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France. The company goes the extra mile by providing free after-sales support and local warranty services, ensuring quick assistance and replacements for customers. To enhance customer experience, Amcrest operates local warehouses in these countries, facilitating rapid 24-48 hour shipping of their products. This localized approach underscores the company’s commitment to efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction across its key geographical markets.

Amcrest Value & Purpose

Amcrest’s main goal is to keep people and their stuff safe without breaking the bank. They want to give customers peace of mind and help them feel more connected and secure. The company sticks to basic values like caring about customers, aiming for greatness, being passionate and ambitious, working together, adapting to change, being open and honest, having fun, and staying humble. They believe customer feedback is like helpful advice, using it to make their products and services better all the time. In a nutshell, Amcrest is all about simple, affordable security solutions that make life safer and more worry-free.

Amcrest’s Operation

At Amcrest, they want everyone to always try to do better—making better products, improving how things work, and growing personally. Teamwork is a big deal, and they believe every job is important for the company to do well.

The company moves fast to keep up with the changes in the security industry, and they’re open and honest with both customers and employees. This honesty builds trust and respect, creating a positive work environment where everyone plays a crucial role. Amcrest’s focus is on making things better, working together, and staying adaptable in the ever-changing world of security.

Amcrest isn’t just selling surveillance stuff; they want to be the best security company, always changing and giving value for years to come. Their success is all about making customers happy, being creative, and sticking to important values. Amcrest looks ahead to a future where they don’t just provide great security solutions but also keep adapting, coming up with new ideas, and staying true to the values that guide them. It’s not just about selling products for Amcrest; it’s about being the best and leaving a lasting mark in the world of security.

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