Instamojo Advantages and Disadvantages

A well-known all-in-one D2C tech platform from India called Instamojo powers independent e-commerce enterprises and startups by facilitating easy online money collecting. It is also a well-liked payment gateway for Indian companies wishing to sell their goods abroad and accept payments online. There are currently over 20,000,001 businesses using it! Learn how Instamojo supports brand growth by assisting with real-time payment processing.


Instamojo Overview

Popular payment gateway Instamojo provides its payment solution services to companies throughout the nation. It enables companies to quickly and efficiently receive payments from clients through UPI, NEFT, NEFT, EMI, and debit/credit cards. You may easily make a payment link and pass on it to your customers, who can then start the payment process.

The platform takes pride in its simplicity of use and security. To ensure that it complies with RBI regulations, it provides 128-bit encryption as well as is PCT-DSS compliant. Businesses may monitor their transactions as well as their development trajectory thanks to its built-in analytics. You can concentrate on expanding your business while Instamojo takes care of all consumer payments thanks to regular notifications and alerts each time a transaction is conducted.

Advantages of Instamojo

1. Smart Links: Instamojo’s Smart Links offer businesses a reliable and clever approach to gathering payments and customer information and improving client engagement. If you need to request payments in bulk, you can use this option. Include the payment links, turn them on and off as desired, and alter the connection to suit your needs.

2. Integration with Instamojo: For every major system, the payment platform provides Software Development Kits plus a straightforward API integration. Users can link Instamojo with their website using this capability to accept payments online.

3. Instamojo App Store: There are many other programs available in the Instamojo App Store that can be linked to your Instamojo account. SMS Sales Alerts, Generate QR Code, Add Sales Affiliates, and more well-known apps are among those that may be found in the app store.

4. MojoCapital: Business loans are available through mojoCapital, which is used by businesses. Businesses may also choose the timing of money transfers. With the choice of next-day payout or same-day payout, the quicker payout option aids brands in maintaining a consistent cash flow. The money is typically transferred by Instamojo three days following the transaction.

5. Cost of Instamojo: Anyone can join the platform for no cost and utilize it for nothing. Known as the “Lite plan,” it is free to sign up for and charges users a fee of 5%+3 for each transaction.

The website provides three premium plans:

  • Starter: Charges 5% plus Rs 3 for each transaction and begins at Rs 3,999 per year.
  • Growth: Prices start at Rs 9,999 per year and add 2% and Rs 3 for each transaction.
  • Do-It-For-Me: Get a focused, personalized plan. On request, the cost

6. Instamojo Integrations: An easy-to-integrate payment gateway is Instamojo. It may be integrated by programmers with any website and any stack. The platform provides easy-to-use payment APIs with thorough process documentation as well as software development kits for all popular platforms.

You can link your Instamojo account to a variety of additional programs, including Sales Affiliates, SMS Sales Alerts, and QR Code Generation. The Instamojo App shop has access to all of these programs.

7. Payment analytics: The platform provides a comprehensive collection of analytics tools which allow you to identify your top-selling products, client journey, average order value, and visit-based eCommerce analytics.

8. Support for a variety of payment methods: Numerous payment methods are supported via the advanced payment gateway, notably EMI, Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, and Net Banking.

Disadvantages of Instamojo

  • Limited International Reach: For companies wishing to operate on a worldwide scale, Instamojo’s reach may be constrained given that it only serves the Indian market.
  • Transaction Fees: Although there is no setup fee, Instamojo charges transaction fees on every successful transaction. For larger-value transactions, these fees might be higher than those charged by competing payment gateways.
  • Withdrawal Process: The withdrawal process for some customers’ cash has been described as occasionally being delayed, which causes delays in their ability to access their money.
  • Customer Support: Although Instamojo offers customer service, there have been times when users encountered delays in having their questions answered or had trouble getting through to the support staff.
  • Limited Dispute Resolution: Smaller payment processors may not always have as thorough or effective a resolution process for complaints or chargebacks.
  • Competition from Established Players: It is difficult for Instamojo to distinguish itself in the industry due to fierce competition from established payment gateways and online payment platforms.
  • Industries Restricted: Instamojo has several limitations on the kinds of goods and services which can be offered for sale on their platform, which may reduce the alternatives available to some companies.
  • Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Since Instamojo is an online marketplace, effective transactions require both buyers and sellers to have a reliable Internet connection.


Instamojo has many benefits, particularly for startups and small businesses in the Indian market. Yet, before choosing to utilize it as their main payment gateway, companies should also take into account the restrictions and potential disadvantages. Making a well-informed choice that satisfies their unique criteria requires comprehensive research and comparison with other available options.


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