FIITJEE Franchise Cost in India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Dinesh Kumar Goel started FIITJEE, a tuition center for JEE and other competitive exams. In addition to branches in Bahrain and Qatar, it boasts a pan-Indian network of 67 branches spread over 43 cities. For students in grades 6 through 12, it provides classes that prepare them for various exams, including JEE, KVPY, NTSE, JSTSE, INMO, INChO, and INPhO.

DK Goel, an IIT Delhi graduate in mechanical engineering, established FIITJEE in 1992. The institute provides a springboard for prospective engineering students to pursue careers in the field.


Why FIITJEE Franchise?

Since its founding in 1992, when it just had one center in Delhi, FIITJEE has grown to include 41 cities, 72 centers nationwide, and two centers abroad. With 20,000–3,000,000 students per location, there is still a huge untapped market potential because of our strict commitment to quality.

They use a student-centered pedagogy. They bring out the best in each student by assisting them in realizing their full potential. Gain access to the tried-and-true pedagogy of FIITJEE, which has assisted thousands of students in achieving success in various national competitive exams. Rather than teaching in big groups, FIITJEE offers sessions in smaller batches of 40 to 60 students. FIITJEE consistently provides students with more academic hours than promised.

Steps To Apply For FIITJEE Franchise and Requirements

The FIITJEE Franchise Application Portal is the page you are taken to when you click the “Apply Now” button on the website. The 7-Step Application Process is explained on the Pre-Login initial page of the application. After reading it, you must register on the Franchise Application Portal using the primary applicant’s email address and mobile number. The FIITJEE Franchise Application Portal requires the following 7 steps to be completed:

Select the State and City

You can select the state and city for which you want to submit a franchise application here. You can apply for franchises in several cities that are currently available. You must subscribe and fill out a separate application for each city you choose.

Pay Application Fee

You must pay an application fee of ₹ 51,000 for the city you desire to apply for the Franchise to guarantee that only serious applicants apply. To assist you in starting the application, several payment alternatives have been added to the payment page. Choose the payment method that works best for you.


The application form consists of several components. Please fill out all the fields and ensure the information is accurate before submitting. Using your login information, you can authorize consultants, potential shareholders/business partners, and directors to complete the form simultaneously. When they attempt to get in, you will need to provide them with login credentials and OTP so they can use the program concurrently.

Creation of a Legal Entity

To guarantee that the new corporation can finalize the Franchise Agreement following the one-on-one meeting, you must establish a new legal entity specifically for the FIITJEE Franchise business. This should be started while filling out the form.

A FIITJEE Franchise Team Presentation

The FIITJEE Franchise Team will invite the shortlisted candidates, in addition to a maximum of three additional guests, to a presentation.

Individual Conversation with the FIITJEE Franchise Team

In addition to attending the FIITJEE Franchise presentation, all applicants must participate in a one-on-one meeting wherein they will present to the FIITJEE Franchise Team (with a maximum of 15 slides in 30 minutes). This will be followed by a discussion and selection process.

Signing a Franchise Agreement

The chosen candidates must sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Franchise Fee to the legal organization established expressly for the FIITJEE Franchise business.

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A tutoring center for JEE and other competitive exams is called FIITJEE. In addition to producing impressive outcomes in a variety of academic exams and NEET, their unrelenting dedication to providing tangible results plus high-quality academics has been geared towards IIT-JEE applicants. The fees listed above are only estimates; for more details and the terms and circumstances pertaining to their Franchise, see the official website.

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