Top 10 Famous Franchise Business in India

Let’s say you are someone looking forward to starting a business in 2024, but as you might have expected, it’ll surely be super hard for you, unless your business is in a niche where there is little to no competition. But yeah, if you still wanna go down this path, then you have another option, which is opting for a franchise of an already famous brand or company. That way, you will not be going through the hardships of starting a business from scratch and then actually making it successful in the long run. Instead, you just opt for a franchise, they set it up for you, and you are pretty much good to go. And if that’s what you are thinking about in 2024, then you gotta check out our today’s post. Well, you see, here we will be taking a good look at the top 10 famous franchise businesses in India for 2024, so yeah, that can help you out. Alright, here we go.

1. DTDC Courier Franchise

DTDC Courier

Now, if we talk about the courier and cargo service sector in India, you just can’t skip over DTDC. It’s like the heart of India’s booming logistics scene, right? Started with the big idea of meeting that ever-growing need for courier services, DTDC has really made a mark in the market. So yeah, if you’re thinking about diving into the logistics world, grabbing a DTDC franchise is like hitting the jackpot. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not just about the big brand name, it’s about being part of their massive network that covers, like, a huge part of the country. That means you’re stepping into a super strong distribution system from day one.

2. Patanjali Franchise

Okay, now let’s talk about Patanjali. This brand is literally everywhere when it comes to Ayurveda and the FMCG sector. Have you seen how quickly it’s become a household name? That’s because of its massive range of herbal and organic stuff that’s catching the eye of health-conscious folks in India. If you’re all about that natural and healthy lifestyle, jumping into a Patanjali franchise could be just the right move for you. It’s not just about selling products, nope. It’s more like you’re spreading the word about living life the Ayurvedic way, and that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

3. EaseMyTrip Franchise

Now, when we talk about stepping into the travel sector, how can we not mention EaseMyTrip? This one, you see, isn’t just about travel; it’s a complete package of all those travel solutions that are booming in India right now. And yeah, with travel and tourism in India growing like crazy, jumping on the EaseMyTrip franchise bandwagon is like diving into a sea of opportunities in this lively industry. Think about everything from ticketing to those dreamy holiday packages, EaseMyTrip has got it all covered. So, if you’re the kind of person who’s got that travel bug and loves hospitality, then hey, this franchise might just be your ticket to an adventurous and dynamic career path.

4. Domino’s Pizza Franchise

Alright, let’s talk about Domino’s Pizza – a name that literally everyone knows. Dominating the fast-food world, especially with its mouth-watering pizzas, Domino’s has won over countless hearts in India. With the fast-food scene in India on a major upswing, owning a Domino’s franchise is like having a front-row seat to this exciting growth. But it’s not just about dishing out pizzas; it’s more about serving up an experience, a flavor that’s got fans all over the globe. Got a thing for the hustle and bustle of the food and beverage industry? Crave that fast-paced, customer-focused vibe? Then, Domino’s could very well be your slice of success in the business.

5. Raymonds Franchise

Now, when we talk about Raymonds, we’re diving straight into the heart of the textile and apparel industry in India, aren’t we? This brand isn’t just any name, it’s a legacy, a synonym for unmatched quality and trust. Imagine a range of fabrics and suits so exquisite, they practically scream elegance. That’s Raymonds for you. And yeah, if you’ve got that keen eye for fashion, and you’re itching to get involved with a brand that’s all about class and top-notch quality, Raymonds is your go-to. This isn’t just any franchise opportunity, it’s your golden ticket to the high-end fashion and retail world in India.

6. Amul India Franchise

Speaking of iconic, let’s not forget about Amul, the giant in India’s dairy landscape. This name, my friends, is what quality dairy looks like. Think of all the dairy goodies we all adore like milk, butter, cheese, you name it, Amul’s got it. And guess what? You can actually be a part of this massive legacy. Amul isn’t just a brand, it’s a household name etched into the hearts of millions. Becoming an Amul franchise owner, well, that’s like tapping into a goldmine of tradition and top-quality dairy. If you’re looking to jump into a market that’s always buzzing and backed by a crowd of loyal customers, Amul’s your ticket to ride.

7. Bata Franchise

Now, if you are looking into the world of franchises, you can’t just scroll past Bata’s franchise without giving it a second thought, right? Bata isn’t just about shoes, it’s more like a blend of tradition and a modern retail vibe that’s hard to miss. With its roots spread globally and a firm grip in the Indian market, Bata has been nailing it by keeping up with the latest fashion trends, all while sticking to its core promise of durability. Imagine being a Bata franchise owner, you’re not just opening a shoe store; you’re joining a network that’s a pro at juggling supply chains and popping up with cool footwear collections time and again. And yeah, diving into a Bata franchise means you get a whole package deal, complete support with training, designing your store to look top-notch, and strategies to make your marketing game strong. So yeah, for those of you dreaming of stepping into the retail footwear scene, Bata franchise is like hitting the bullseye.

8. Decathlon

Alright, moving onto Decathlon, and let’s be honest here, who hasn’t heard of Decathlon making waves in the sports retail world? They’re all about offering sports goods that are easy on the wallet but don’t skimp on quality. But what makes a Decathlon franchise stand out is how it’s not just a store, it’s like a playground for sports lovers. These places are buzzing with energy, where sports buffs meet up, try out stuff, and even get to be a part of sports events. It’s more than just buying and selling; it’s about creating a whole sports-loving community. So, for those of you with a heart beating for sports and bringing people together, getting into the Decathlon franchise is like stepping into a dynamic, ever-exciting world.

9. First Cry

Now, this one right here is a franchise like a real jackpot with its massive collection that spans from trendy apparel to those cute little toys and all the essential baby care stuff. But hey, here’s what makes First Cry a real winner, it’s their killer combo of a strong online game and a solid network of physical stores. Talk about convenience and reach! They’re not just about selling stuff; they’re big on supporting their franchise owners too. Think comprehensive market analysis, nifty tips on setting up your store, and hands-on operational support. For anyone eyeing a venture in the family-centric retail world, First Cry is like striking gold.

10. Lenskart

Alright, let’s talk about Lenskart, the game-changer in India’s eyewear scene. These folks have mastered the art of blending affordability with a dash of style. What’s their secret sauce? A tech-savvy approach to eyewear. We’re talking about cool features like virtual try-ons and nifty eye testing services. Jump on board as a Lenskart franchise owner, and you’re in for a ride with a brand that’s constantly rewriting the rules in the eyewear domain. And get this, their franchises are pretty slick and compact, meaning you don’t need a huge space to set up shop.


That’s pretty much it. Sure, there are so many other businesses that offer their franchise in India, there could be hundreds if not dozens, but yeah, these are the most famous ones by far. Especially entering into 2024, going with one of these franchise options will be much easier and more profitable for you.

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