10 Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Rs. in India

Just starting a business is one thing, but making it profitable is another thing, which most people don’t succeed at and they fail in the long run. Considering the initial investment of just 1 lakh rupees, that seems like a thing that can happen to most of you, but how can you actually avoid it when launching yourself into the business landscape right here in India? Well, the thing is, you must know what sells in the market, and every nitty gritty about your business, and that is the only way. And to help you out with that, we are here with a list of the 10 profit-making businesses under just 1 lakh rupees in India for 2024. Alright, let’s cut this intro thing right here and get to the actual list, shall we?

1. Jute Bags Manufacturing

Jute Bags

Alright, let’s first jump into something that’s totally in sync with today’s eco-friendly vibe, starting a jute bags manufacturing business. You see, it’s not just about going green; it’s a golden ticket to those big profits down the line! With a starter investment of around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, you’re boarding the Green Express. This investment? It’s for all the cool stuff you need, like jute fabric, those colorful dyes, and the mighty sewing machines. Stepping into this biz, remember, the world’s literally hungry for eco-friendly goodies, and jute bags? They’re the new stars, giving those old-school plastic bags a serious complex.

2. Tiffin Services

Now, for those who can make magic in the kitchen and wanna see some really big profits out of it, tiffin services are your thing. Imagine starting this foodie adventure with just 30,000 to 50,000 rupees. That’s your golden key to the basics, some essential kitchen equipment, cool packaging, and getting the word out there. Think about it, in our crazy fast world, where everyone’s looking for a taste of home, your tiffin service could be the savior for many, quite literally! Bringing the warmth and comfort of homemade food right to folks’ doorsteps, especially in those big cities where time’s always playing hard to get, trust us, this isn’t just a good idea, it’s a brilliant one!

3. Real Estate Agent

Now, imagine diving into the world of real estate with just a handful of cash, say, around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees. Sounds a bit like a dream, right? But here’s the catch though, it’s totally doable! This isn’t just about setting up a tiny office and throwing a bit of cash into marketing. Nope, it’s way more exciting than that. As a real estate agent, you’re the mastermind, the go-between for those looking to buy and those dying to sell. And yeah, every deal you close, ka-ching! You’re bringing in those sweet, sweet commissions. The real trick, though, lies in how you weave your network and get the lowdown on the local property scene.

4. Mobile Food Business

You see, with a budget that’s just about 75,000 to 1 lakh rupees, you’re not just buying a second-hand vehicle and some kitchen gear. Oh no, you’re setting the stage for your very own moving feast! The magic of a food truck? It’s all about bringing your culinary delights to the streets, roaming from one spot to another, dishing out everything from lip-smacking local treats to mind-blowing fusion dishes. It’s your canvas on wheels, painting the town with flavors. The secret spice here? Mixing up a perfect blend of quality, affordability, and a dash of something uniquely you. That’s what turns your food truck into the talk of the town, a roaming legend of taste!

5. Laundry Services

Now, think about this, a laundry service. Sounds pretty basic, right? But the thing is, in the hustle and bustle of city life, this is more of a necessity than a luxury. Picture this: folks, super busy with their 9 to 5 jobs, hardly getting a breather to even think about laundry. That’s where you come in! With an investment that’s just about a cool 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, you can jumpstart your very own laundry gig. What does this get you? Well, for starters, a couple of nifty washing machines, dryers, and yeah, a bit of cash left for getting the word out there. But hey, don’t just stop at washing and drying. Throw in some extra things like ironing, dry cleaning, and maybe even a fancy home delivery service.

6. Cafe Entrepreneurship

Alright, if you’re all about that coffee and tea life, then, my friend, this is your call. Imagine setting up your own cozy café, a corner where stories and aromas blend. You’re looking at an investment of somewhere between 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees. What’s in this budget? A snug little spot for your cafe, the basic gear to whip up some amazing brews, and the initial stash of coffee, tea, and some munchies. And if you’re thinking about cost-cutting, why not go for a self-service vibe? It’s all about the experience, the richer the coffee, the warmer the welcome, and the better your cafe does, simple as that.

7. Electronic Repair Shop

Now, think about this, in our world where tech is practically running the show, starting an electronic repair shop? That’s like hitting a goldmine. With just about 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, you can jump into this gig. Just imagine you owning your own cozy little workshop, filled with all those nifty repair tools and spare parts. We’re talking smartphones, laptops, and all sorts of gadgets that are crying out for some fixing. By offering top-notch, speedy services, guess what? You’ll be the go-to fixer-upper for a bunch of loyal tech-lovers. And yeah, as you get the hang of it, why not level up? Maybe dabble in more complex repairs, or even flip refurbished devices.

8. Home Tutoring

You won’t believe how little you need to start this one though, we’re talking about something between 10,000 and 30,000 rupees. Imagine using that to spread the word about your awesome tutoring skills and get your hands on all the study materials you need. But hey, here’s the thing, in this digital era, why not take your tutoring game online? Less fuss about space, and you can connect with students from anywhere! The real secret sauce? Your expertise in your subject and that magic touch in connecting with your students. Nail that, and you’re not just teaching, you’re building a mini empire of knowledge.

9. Handmade Candles

Alright, let’s dive into something that’s literally lighting up not just homes, but also the entrepreneurial spirit, yeah, we are talking about Handmade Candles! Now, why is this such a hot pick in today’s market, you wonder? Here’s the thing you see: people are absolutely craving that unique, handcrafted touch in their cozy corners. And yes, you can kickstart this venture with just a little bit of money, say, around 20,000 to 50,000 rupees. That’s pretty much all you need to snatch up the basics, imagine getting your hands on all that wax, those nifty wicks, enchanting fragrances, and the kind of colors that just make you go ‘wow’.

10. Ice Cream Cones Manufacturing

Last on the list, get ready for a taste of something sweet. Quite literally! Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing is where it’s at, especially when the Indian sun decides to turn the heat up a notch. You can dip your toes into this venture with just about 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees. That’s your golden ticket to the land of crunchy, delightful cones. This budget covers all or most of the things like those nifty cone-making machines and the basic goodies like flour, sugar, and a rainbow of flavors.


That’s pretty much it. Now, depending upon your interest, and of course where you live in India, you can pick any of the business ideas listed on today’s list and get yourself working. It is true that you must learn about every nitty-gritty of your business, but taking action is also super important, so yeah, don’t skip that part.

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