Top 10 Biggest Transport Companies in India

In the vast and dynamic landscape of India’s transportation sector, several companies stand out as key players, facilitating the movement of goods and people across the nation’s diverse terrain. As of 2024, these companies not only drive economic activity but also play crucial roles in supply chain management, logistics, and connectivity. Let’s delve into the top 10 biggest transport companies in India, highlighting their contributions and impact on the nation’s transportation industry.

Leading Transport Companies in India

1. Transport Corporation of India (TCI):

Transport-Corporation-of-India TCI

Transport Corporation of India (TCI), formed in 1958, is a logistics behemoth noted for supply chain solutions. TCI handles national freight, storage, accelerated delivery, and cold chain logistics. Its innovation and customer satisfaction make it a market leader. TCI’s countrywide operations and large fleet of trucks, trailers, and containers assure timely delivery. The company provides custom clearance, documentation, and other value-added services to attract consumers.

Strategic connections and a global office and agent network have helped TCI expand internationally. Since it operates internationally, TCI provides end-to-end logistics solutions for freight forwarding, customs clearing, storage, distribution, and value-added services. TCI is worth $0.53 billion as of December 2022, indicating its industrial relevance. TCI’s market cap reflects its global logistics leadership.

2. Blue Dart Express:

Mumbai-based Blue Dart Express commenced courier and logistics in 1983. Indian logistics giant Blue Dart is a DHL subsidiary. The company offers air and ground transport, storage, and customs clearance. Blue Dart, a significant Indian logistics company, has over 50,000 facilities. The company ships to 220+ countries and territories. In December 2022, Blue Dart Express’s market value was $2.12 billion, reaffirming its global logistics leadership.

Blue Dart’s global network ensures reliable and effective services globally. Blue Dart provides collection, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery via strategically located locations and trusted partners globally. The company serves healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, and other industries. With its worldwide network, Blue Dart offers fast delivery and specialized services to delight consumers.

3. Gati:

Gati, an Indian transportation and logistics firm, is known for its extensive network and diverse services. Established in 1989, Gati is a prominent express delivery and supply chain solutions company serving Indian and international clients. Innovation and sustainability help Gati enhance industry standards and operations.

Gati has 10,000 service stations and 4,000 trucks in India, with branches, hubs, and warehouses in major cities. The company provides express delivery, freight, supply chain, e-commerce fulfillment, and cold chain solutions for healthcare, retail, and automobiles.

In Hyderabad, Telangana, Gati Limited offers air freight, storage, supply chain management, surface and air express logistics, and e-commerce. Gati, initially servicing Madras (now Chennai) and Madurai, now has offices in all major Indian states. In 2020, Allcargo Logistics Ltd. CMD Shashi Kiran Shetty became Gati chairman. The Bombay and National Stock Exchanges list the company.

4. DHL Supply Chain:

DHL Supply Chain, a division of DHL, provides bespoke logistics solutions in India. End-to-end services from DHL Supply Chain use innovative technology and industry experience to provide a flawless supply chain. DHL’s inventive storage, distribution, and transportation management meets customer goals.

From sourcing to delivery, DHL Supply Chain offers contract logistics. Cross-docking, order fulfillment, inventory management, air, sea, land, and multimodal transportation management are covered. The supply chain benefits from packaging, labeling, kitting, and assembly.

DHL Supply Chain strategically places warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation hubs in over 220 countries and territories to optimize coverage and product flow. This large network speeds access to key markets and trade routes, facilitating international trade. DHL’s international logistics expertise ensures speedy, secure cross-border delivery by complying with customs, trade, and paperwork.

5. Safe Express:

Safe Express is known for safety, reliability, and efficiency in Indian travel. Safe fast delivers freight and logistics quickly and safely utilizing a big fleet of vehicles and unique tracking technology. Customers in many sectors trust its quality and compliance.

In 1996, Safexpress Private Limited became a non-profit ‘company limited by shares.’ The privately unlisted corporation has Rs 250.0 lakhs authorized capital and 40% paid-up capital of Rs 100 lakhs. The company’s recent AGM was on 29 Sep 2017 and its financials were updated on 31 March 2017, according to MCA records.

6. Aegis Logistics Ltd:

India’s energy and logistics giant Aegis Logistics Ltd. offers a broad variety of services to meet client needs. Safety, sustainability, and operational excellence underpin Aegis’ petroleum logistics, gas distribution, and chemical storage and handling systems. Aegis Logistics Limited, established in India, offers logistics and supply chain management to oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, and retail & consumer products firms

Company terminals and pipelines store and convey liquid and gas. Aegis Logistics provides rail, road, storage, and other services. Aegis has international sites and strategic partnerships to simplify operations and serve customers globally.

7. Mahindra Logistics Ltd (MLL):

Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL), funded by the Mahindra Group, offers complete logistics solutions to meet organizations’ diverse needs. MLL offers supply chain management-focused transportation, storage, freight forwarding, and value-added logistics. Organizations trust MLL’s customer-centric approach and digitalization emphasis.

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MILL), a 1993 Mahindra & Mahindra subsidiary, was demerged in 2007. With over 100 offices and warehouses throughout India, Mumbai-based MLL is a trusted logistics partner for all types of businesses. MLL serves global markets from the Middle East, Europe, and the US, but India is its primary focus.

8. VRL Logistics Limited:

VRL Logistics Limited, India’s leading surface logistics and parcel service provider, offers inexpensive urban and rural transportation. VRL Logistics, established in 1976 and situated in Hubli, Karnataka, is a prominent logistics and transportation firm with a modern fleet and an emphasis on efficiency, service, and reliability.

Transportation, package delivery, and storage are firm services. VRL Logistics is a prominent operator in travel, media, and real estate in India with a fleet of trucks and offices and franchisees. On Indian roads, the company is recognized for their orange cars.

Transportation, travel operations, electricity, scrap, courier services, airlines, freight, services (hotel), and advertisements make up VRL Logistics Ltd.’s market for the fiscal year ending 31-Mar-2022. The company’s standalone total income was Rs 732.95 Crore for the quarter ended 30-09-2022, rising 1.79% and 14.86% from the previous year.

9. TCI Express Limited:

Transport Corporation of India (TCI) subsidiary TCI swift Limited provides fast freight transport and logistics. Since 1958, Gurugram, Haryana-based TCI Express has provided rapid, secure transportation for e-commerce logistics, pharmaceutical delivery, and time-sensitive items. TCI Express sets delivery speed and efficiency records with its wide network and technological expertise.

Land, air, and sea freight, storage, and distribution are TCI Express services. The company reaches foreign markets via its substantial Indian branch and franchise network. Real estate, healthcare, and logistics make up TCI Express’s overall business plan.

10. Sical Logistics Limited:

Indian Sical Logistics Limited, founded on May 6, 1955, has a lengthy history. Sical’s diverse operations include port terminals, container freight stations, and interior logistics. Sical provides end-to-end logistics solutions that enhance supply chain operations and customer satisfaction via strategic partnerships and robust infrastructure, making it a prominent player in India for logistics.

Its market emphasis helps Sical Logistics’ Consolidated Total Income of Rs 107.14 Crore for the quarter ended 30-09-2022 grow steadily. Sical Logistics’ 5.85 crore outstanding shares as of 31-03-2022 enable national growth.


To grip the interest of the involved parties, below is a summary of what the top 10 largest transport companies in India form an integral part of the processes that drive economic growth, facilitates trade, and links business transactions within the country. With the above commitment towards excellence, innovation and satisfaction of the customers, these firms have continued to chart new courses into the future of the transport industry in India setting new bench marks of efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

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