Top 10 Biggest Food Franchise in India

These days, literally everybody knows about the franchise business model in India, right? And the very first niche or segment that comes to everyone’s mind is for sure opening or applying for a food franchise because that’s the easiest and most straightforward approach to this whole franchise business thing, you know? Talking specifically about food franchises, well, there are a few names that you might have heard of already, that are making quite the buzz right here in India. And today’s the day when we will take a good look at the top 10 biggest food franchises in India as of 2024. So yeah, if you are someone already feeling intrigued and want to know which food chains or brands would be the best for the franchise business in your particular area, then keep on reading, simple as that. Alright, here we go now.

Largest Food Franchise in India

1. Domino’s Pizza


First and at the top of our list, we have Domino’s Pizza franchise, but why exactly? Well, mainly because Domino’s is super famous in the country right now, and they really have more than 1700 outlets right here in India. And if you are wondering how much would it cost you to become a part of Domino’s Pizza franchise family, well, that would be around INR 50 to 70 Lakhs. That looks like a huge amount, but what would that cover for you though? Franchise fee, interior decoration, kitchen setup, initial inventory, and pretty much the whole setup, you know?

Founded 1960
Launched In India 1996
Total Outlets In India 1700+
Initial Investment INR 50 to 70 Lakhs
Space Requirement 800 to 2000 sq. ft.

2. Amul Ice Cream Corporation

Amul Ice Cream

Now, Amul and their ice cream is something that needs no introduction at all, especially right here in India, you know? Well, if you are kinda excited to see Amul’s name on this list, well, it gets even sweeter because you can also apply to open an Amul Ice Cream parlor in your local area and take it from there. There are already more than 1500 such outlets that people have opened with Amul’s name, and the next one could be yours, you know? All you need is an investment of around INR 2 to 6 Lakhs and a 100 to 300 square feet space, that’s all.

Founded 1996
Launched In India N/A
Total Outlets In India 1500+
Initial Investment INR 2 to 6 Lakhs
Space Requirement 100 to 300 sq. ft.

3. Wow! Momo

Wow! Momo

Next up, let’s talk about a franchise that is there to “wow” you, quite literally! Yes, we are talking about Wow Momo. It is really awesome to see an Indian food chain having started just in 2008 and become one of the biggest food chains in the country like there are around 1120 outlets of Wow Momo as of 2024. And of course, just like the first two brands on this list, Wow Momo also allows you to sell Momos and other food ideas with their name, but the investment is around INR 20 to 30 lakhs, and a space requirement of 200 to 500 square feet, nothing else.

Founded 2008
Launched In India N/A
Total Outlets In India 1120
Initial Investment INR 20 to 30 lakhs
Space Requirement 200 to 500 sq. ft.

4. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)


Kentucky Fried Chicken, short for KFC, has literally millions of fans in India, so no wonder why they have started offering their franchise in the country to expand their network even more, you know? We all know how delicious the food items, especially the fried chicken, are from KFC, so yeah, there will always be a huge demand for that. That’s pretty much the reason why in just 2023, KFC reached a number of just a little over 1000 outlets in India. And if you want yourself to be associated with this brand by owning their franchise, well, that’ll cost you anywhere from INR 50 Lakh to 3 Crores.

Founded 1952
Launched In India 1995
Total Outlets In India 1000+
Initial Investment INR 50 Lakh to 3 Crores
Space Requirement 1000 to 1500 sq. ft.

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza is not actually a staple in the Indian diet, but still, in the 21st century, there is a huge demand for it in the country. And there are only a few brands that have made it possible, like Domino’s Pizza, American Pizza, Pizza Hut, etc. Talking specifically about Pizza Hut, well, they have more than 820 outlets in the country, and that could be 821 if you apply for the next Pizza Hut franchise, you know? All you need is to have a decent-sized space for the whole setup and INR 20 To 30 Lakhs Crore by your side, that’s all.

Founded 1958
Launched In India 1996
Total Outlets In India 820
Initial Investment INR 20 To 30 Lakhs
Space Requirement 1000 to 1500 sq. ft.

6. Subway


Did you know it was actually 2001 when Subway first launched in India? And yes, it was a hit from the get-go, so no wonder why they now have around 591 outlets in the country. So yeah, if you were already wondering about owning a Subway restaurant on your own, then you’d just have to keep around INR 25 To 30 Lakhs by your side, along with a decent space of 170 to 350 square feet, which is the minimum requirement, you know? With that, you’ll be changing the minds of people that fast food is not necessarily unhealthy, and that’s precisely what Subway is trying to do.

Founded 1965
Launched In India 2001
Total Outlets In India 591
Initial Investment INR 25 To 30 Lakhs
Space Requirement 170 to 250 sq. ft.

7. McDonald’s


Alright, now let’s talk about the real giant of the fast food scene in India, and of course, it is none other than McDonald’s. Well, we have put it so down on this list because there were other brands with more outlets, and since McDonald’s has about 512 outlets in India, that’s why the seventh spot seemed just right, in our opinion. Well, let’s say you want to sell food items under McDonald’s name, then you must have at least INR 1.5 to 10 crores ready to be spent, which makes it one of the most expensive food franchises on this list.

Founded 1940
Launched In India 1996
Total Outlets In India 512
Initial Investment INR 1.5 to 10 crores
Space Requirement 750 to 1500 sq. ft.

8. Burger King

Burger King

The direct competitor of McDonald’s is here, and it is none other than Burger King, right? Well, they haven’t stopped competing with McDonald’s, even in the Indian market. But yeah, let’s be honest, Burger King does pretty well in the Indian market, and looking at that, you might be considering applying for their franchise program, correct? Well, for that, you’d have to have around INR 3 to 10 Crores sitting pretty in your bank account. Along with that, the space requirement is a bit too much, like 1200 to 2500 square feet.

Founded 1954
Launched In India 2014
Total Outlets In India N/A
Initial Investment INR 3 to 10 Crores
Space Requirement 1200 to 2500 sq. ft.

9. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts

You may already know that Dunkin’ Donuts is this American multinational coffee and doughnut company, but did you know that they made their first appearance in the Indian market back in 2012? Yes, that’s pretty recent, if you think about it. But still, they have been able to open a decent number of outlets right here in India. And if you are already thinking of going with this food franchise then simply keep INR 70 Lakhs to 1 Crore ready along with 800 to 1000 square feet of space to set up everything.

Founded 1950
Launched In India 2012
Total Outlets In India N/A
Initial Investment INR 70 Lakhs to 1 Crore
Space Requirement 800 to 1000 sq. ft.

10. Haldiram’s


Last on the list, but no less impressive is another Indian food brand that has made quite a name in the country. And yes, we have to include Haldiram’s on this list, or else, it will be an incomplete list, you know? Well, Haldiram’s is one food franchise that needs no introduction at all because at this point, you must have done your research on them because, after all, they’re so good at the whole fast food thing in India. Talking about their franchise, all you need is an investment of INR 1 to 4 Crores, and a decent spare of 500 to 2000 square feet, and you’ll be good for the most part.

Founded 1937
Launched In India N/A
Total Outlets In India N/A
Initial Investment INR 1 to 4 Crores
Space Requirement 500 to 2000 sq. ft.


That’s all there is for now about these food franchises in India. So yeah, if you are searching out there for the absolute best and top-tier food franchise to apply for, then these are the ones you should be looking at, not some generic brand, you know?

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