Top 10 Leading Almirah Manufacturing Companies in India

You can find an Almirah in every Indian house, quite literally. That’s because an Almirah isn’t just a storage solution, it is way more than that. Believe it or not, an Almirah is by far the most important part of the Indian home’s furniture. When looking for an almirah in India, people often consider only the top-tier brands or manufacturers, or else they prefer to have it built by the local manufacturers as per their needs and of course, budget.

So, if you are also looking forward to buying a top-notch quality almirah for your home, then you might be searching for the best almirah brands or manufacturing companies in the country. Right? Well, if that’s the case then you are in the right place and at the right time because we are about to take you on a little detour of the top 10 leading almirah manufacturing companies in India. So yeah, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to it then, shall we?


1. Godrej Interio

Mumbai is not just about Bollywood, it’s also home to the famous furniture giant: Godrej Interio. Way back in the roaring twenties, 1923 to be exact, these guys kicked off their adventure with the nifty Godrej Storewel cupboard. Fast forward a few decades, and boom! By 2006, Godrej Interio was carving its name into the Furniture Hall of Fame as its own business unit. Oh, and did you hear about their U&US Home Design Studio from 2015? They were the pioneers, the first Indian brand with their own retail store format for all things home design related. 2020 was all about that digital buzz. They jumped into the e-commerce world with their own online platform. And today? Oh boy, they have over 56 showrooms in 20 Indian cities, backed by a whopping 800 dealer outlets across the country!

2. Nilkamal

Flashback to 1981, Mr. Vamanrai Parekh and Mr. Sharad Parekh decided to shake things up with Nilkamal Limited. Based out of Mumbai, these guys turned into the maestros of plastic products. Can you believe they’re the world’s largest molded furniture producer and Asia’s top player in plastic molded products? Big deal, right? Their “@home” brand is like the furniture hotspot for all your home needs. Speaking of fame, when you think of plastic furniture in India, Nilkamal is the name that pops right up. With a presence in 50 stores and connections to over 3,000 distributors, their reach is certainly vast. They’ve got everything, from those handy plastic chairs to stylish and practical office setups. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Delhi or a quiet nook in a remote Indian village, Nilkamal’s got your back with affordable and stylish furniture choices.

3. Hometown

Hometown Furniture began almost three decades ago when Ray Hann and Harry Hiscock decided to combine their intellect. They launched their brand on November 12, 1992, starting humbly with a compact 3,000-square-foot space and just four super-hyped team members. And man, the road was bumpy like power outages, crazy floods, and even a dramatic fire. But did they back down? No way! Harry waved goodbye in 2002, leaving Ray in the decision-maker’s position. Fast forward a year, and Hometown opened a huge 10,000-square-foot store. And yeah, their customer base grew just like their showroom space. Reflecting on their roller-coaster journey, Ray and Marion believe their secret is simple, exceptional customer service. Today, they stand tall, as one of India’s top furniture manufacturers with a super loyal customer base.

4. Durian

Have you ever heard of Durian Furniture? Of course, you have! These guys have been setting the furniture world on fire since 1985. Starting off as just importers, Durian quickly realized they could do more. They thought, “Why not make our own stuff and give the best to our folks?” So yeah, they set up their own factories, churning out plush sofas, dreamy beds, and chairs that make you never want to stand up. Fast forward to today, and Durian is basically your one-stop interior shop. We’re talking about designer doors, awesome laminates, top-tier plywood, and those veneers? Exquisite! They’ve spread their charm with 55 stores all over India and a rocking online site. Every piece they produce, whether it’s a sleek laminate or a super useful Almirah, screams innovation and premium quality.

5. Spacewood

Ever walked into a room and thought, “This feels right”? Well, chances are, you’ve met Spacewood’s magic. Being India’s top player in Modular Furniture since 1996, they’ve turned furniture into an art form, quite literally. Nestled in Nagpur, India’s logistics powerhouse, their massive 15-acre factory is where the magic happens. From stylish home setups and cool office vibes to bespoke modular kitchens and educational digs, they’ve got everything furniture related. And here’s the crazy part, they’ve millions of happy customers in the country! Now that speaks volumes about their awesomeness.

6. Furlenco

Now, let’s rewind to 2011. Ajith, after spending so many years in New Jersey, USA, lands in Bengaluru. He tried selling his furniture. But, he got a mere 10% of what he originally paid, and that too for stuff he had for less than two years. So, Ajith thought, “Man, there’s gotta be a better way!” and voila! Furlenco was born. The idea was just to make owning furniture less of a headache. For all of us who can’t sit still, are constantly on the move, or just want a fresh look every now and then, Furlenco is the brand we all should look forward to.

7. Pepperfry

So, you’ve heard of the popular name Pepperfry, right? Hailing straight outta Mumbai, this is the place to check out if you’re looking to jazz up your living space. Trust us, they’ve got everything! Whether you’re into that minimalist look or you’re all about that boho life, Pepperfry’s got your back. And the best part? If you’re a bit cautious about paying online, they’ve got the good old cash-on-delivery option too. Still wondering how big a deal they are? Well, investors have poured a whopping $285.3M into them. Yeah, that’s a lot of zeroes! Their almirahs are some of the best in the country because they are the ones who craft this furniture behind the scenes with top-tier quality materials. On top of that, their craftsmanship is impressive too.

8. Urban Ladder

Well, the heart of Urban Ladder beats with the belief that every home tells its unique story, and there’s no room for compromise. They started out on the web, but guess what? They made a grand entrance into the offline world in 2017, opening their first-ever store in the bustling city of Bangalore. Fast forward to now, and you can spot them in 50 trendy stores scattered across India’s big cities like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and even down south in Chennai. They still spread the love online with their e-commerce platform, delivering those stunning furniture pieces right to your doorstep. It’s been quite a journey for this brand, from being just an online furniture seller to being the actual manufacturer of furniture, like almirah, sofas, chairs, office furniture, and whatnot.

9. India Steel Almirah

Jumping onto the scene back in 1980, India Steel Almirah quickly became the talk of the town. These guys have been creating killer metal and steel almirahs for over four decades now! With a massive fan base in the NCR region, they’ve got a design for every nook and cranny of your space, be it home, office, or anywhere else. They get major props for getting everything spot on, from paint and locks to hinges and fittings. Their only goal is to deliver quality, fit-for-you almirahs that make spaces pop. All thanks to their attention to detail and epic service!

10. Batra Steel Furniture

Lastly, let’s talk about another almirah manufacturer that is actually a big name in the NCR region when it comes to steel furniture. If you are specifically in need of a sturdy steel or metal almirah then you should definitely check out Batra Steel Furniture’s collection. And they’ve got this crazy obsession with quality. They’re firm believers that a steel almirah should be nothing short of perfect. That’s the reason they’ve been winning hearts for years, and once you see their stuff, you’ll get why!


There you have it. You can trust these brands with closed eyes, and buy the Almirah as per your design preference, build quality needs, and of course, budget. It is less likely that any of these brands will disappoint you with any of these factors, so yeah, pick a manufacturer from this list and you’ll be good for the most part.


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