ZestMoney Business Model: How Does ZestMoney Make Money?

A Bangalore-centered fintech business company called ZestMoney enables those with limited credit history to borrow money. With ZestMoney Easy EMI, consumers may pay for goods quickly and easily and obtain loans.

Understanding ZestMoney


One of the first few fintech businesses to implement the BNPL model in India was ZestMoney, which launched in 2016. A form of short-term financing known as “buy now pay later,” or “BNPL,” is available to consumers who want to make purchases with no money down and pay for them later in convenient installments.

The borrower must pay interest on the loan balance. Customers can purchase ZestMoney credits on various online platforms, such as food delivery apps, e-commerce apps, and airline tickets, without having to pay any upfront fees or annual maintenance fees. This is a very profitable offer for the company’s patrons.

ZestMoney Company Details

Company Name ZestMoney
Origin Country India
Founded 2015
Founders Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma, Ashish Anantharaman
CEO Lizzie Chapman
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Industry Fintech, Consumer Finance
Key Offerings Consumer Loans, EMI Financing, Buy Now Pay Later Solutions
Official Website www.zestmoney.in

Revenue Sources-Business Model

ZestMoney is an online and offline merchant integration platform, EMI in the virtual sense. The company acts as an affiliate and payment partner for these merchants, bringing them new business and clients.

The company’s primary source of income is Direct Selling Agency Fees, which are the funds it receives from its lending partners (NBFCs) for its numerous services, including KYC, lead generation, customer support, and branding. Additionally, ZestMoney levies a predetermined merchant commission on goods and services that the borrowers buy from the merchants. Together with the various revenue categories that ZestMoney generates, these include arranger fees.

Commissions are received by ZestMoney from borrowers, lending partners, plus merchant partners. According to the corporation, it has more than 17 million registered users and anticipates that figure will continue to grow.

The company’s 2019 NPS rating of 75 was greater than Uber’s and Amazon’s.

ZestMoney placed second in a Deloitte Technology rating of India’s 50 fastest-growing technology businesses in March 2021. ZestMoney gained 2,706 percent throughout the three years. The rankings were based on percentage revenue growth.

ZestMoney, the dominant player in the Indian fintech market, saw a 1.6x increase in its overall revenue from INR 89.3 crore in FY21 to INR 145 crore in FY22. Operating revenue increased significantly, from INR 82 crore in FY21 to INR 138.4 crore in FY22, a 68.6% increase.

ZestMoney nevertheless continued to experience growing losses in tandem with its revenue growth; losses increased three times to INR 398.8 crore in FY22 from INR 125.8 crore in FY21.

ZestMoney – Partnerships

ZestMoney has established relationships with lenders such as ICICI Bank, DCB Bank, TATA Capital, and others, but it has also seen some outside alliances.

In February 2020, ZestMoney and Pickyourtrail teamed. The banking business and the travel startup with headquarters in Chennai worked together to give customers flexible payment choices when making itinerary reservations. This partnership is a component of Pickyourtrail’s strategic objective to expand its client base.

By providing No-cost EMIs and the opportunity to “Travel now, pay later in 3 easy installments,” the new alliance hopes to simplify the traveler booking process. Travelers may now experience their dream vacation without requiring credit history and are guaranteed hassle-free online loan approval thanks to our highest approval rates plus zero pre-closure fees.

The biggest fintech consumer loan company in India is called ZestMoney. Its innovative platform makes living more affordable for those without access to credit cards or formal financing options because of weak credit history by utilizing mobile technology, digital banking, and artificial intelligence. The most recent company to partner with Zestmoney on a payment is Pickyourtrail. Notable companies like Big Bazaar, Amazon, Uber, Myntra, and Titan are just a few of the ones with which the company has previously associated.

ZestMoney – Future

The company intends to boost the run rate of its collaborations and product development in the future. While a few of ZestMoney Merchant Partners, like Titan, Xiaomi, and Croma, offer ZestMoney EMI at physical stores, the company is working with more of these businesses to expand the number of offline locations where customers may use ZestMoney EMI.


The biggest and fastest-growing fintech platform for consumer loans in India is called ZestMoney. ZestMoney’s innovative platform links a licensed bank or NBFC with clients through artificial intelligence, digital banking, and mobile technology.