Belgian Waffles Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

The Belgian Waffle Company started in 2015. People loved their waffles so much that they opened their first franchise in the same year. The company makes sure their waffles are always freshly baked, hot, and crispy. Now, they have over 450 stores in more than 160 cities in India. They’ve won big awards like the Franchisor of the Year. In 2018, they were named the Best Waffle Brand, Best Food Service, and Best Franchisor. The franchise offers lots of benefits for people who want to join. Let’s explore the Belgian Waffles Franchise Cost in India: fees, requirements, and apply process.


Belgian Waffles Franchise Fees

Belgian Waffles offers two types of franchise options: one for a small kiosk and the other for a larger café. The cost to join either option is between 20 to 25 Lakhs INR, depending on which one you choose. On top of that, there’s an 8 Lakhs INR fee to become a franchisee.

They say you can expect to make back your investment within a year of starting up. They don’t tell you exactly how much profit you’ll make, but they do say that you’ll need to pay them a percentage of your sales, ranging from 8% to 12.5%.

Requirements for Belgian Waffles Franchise

Before you sign the Franchise agreement, you need to meet certain obligations set by the brand. Here are the requirements:

  • You need a space of 200 to 300 square feet to start a Belgian Waffle unit. This space should be in a busy area like a market, mall, or crowded place. You can either own or rent the space.
  • Each unit should have 2 to 4 employees. All employees and the owner must complete the brand’s training.
  • Previous experience in the industry isn’t necessary for the owner, but they should have a basic understanding of how the business works.

Apply Process for Belgian Waffles Franchise

To get a Belgian Waffles Franchise, you can contact them in different ways. You can go to their main office or visit their website. The simplest way is to go to their website or click this link: and fill out the Franchise form. Then, the brand’s representatives will get in touch with you to continue the process. You can find their official website here.

Benefits of Owning a Belgian Waffles Franchise

Here are the benefits of owning a Belgian Waffles franchise:

Firstly, Belgian Waffles gives you a lot of help and advice when you buy their franchise. They have a team that helps you set up your waffle shop in the right place. They’re there to help you from the start to when you’re open for business. They also give you a manual to help you along the way.

Another good thing about owning a Belgian Waffles shop is the quality of the waffles they make. They’ve studied their customers well and mostly offer waffles without eggs. With tasty waffles and lots of desserts on the menu, you’ll have lots of customers coming back, which means more profits for you.

Belgian Waffles offers a franchise that costs little but can make you a lot of money. Most franchise owners worry about how long it will take to make back the money they spent, but with

Belgian Waffles, it’s not long. They have two types of franchises: one for kiosks and one for cafes. This means you can choose the one that fits your plans best.

Belgian Waffles has become a well-known brand in just a few years. Being part of this brand means you’ll always have customers and lots of demand. Waffles are always popular, and Belgian Waffles has won awards like Best Waffle Restaurant and Franchisor of the Year. So, being part of this franchise is a smart choice.


So, that’s all you need to know about the Belgian Waffles Franchise. We’ve learned that the company offers a business model where you don’t need to invest much but can make a lot of money. Belgian Waffle gives two options for starting a franchise, depending on how much money you have. They’re successful in India because they understand the market here. Since many people in India are vegetarian, they only sell waffles without eggs. So, if you’re still thinking about it, go ahead and start this franchise for great success.