Zepto Business Model: How Does Zepto Make Money

Focus, involvement, and investment in the grocery delivery industry are all rising. The main reasons behind the expansion of online grocery shopping in these markets have been shifting consumer behavior and growing accessibility to online shopping. Zepto is a Mumbai-based business that provides grocery delivery services in 10 minutes. This handy service is ideal for those with hectic schedules who need more time to visit the store.

Know About Zepto

Two teenage Stanford dropouts, Aadit Palicha, and Kaivalya Vohra, created Zepto. They said in an interview that they had problems getting groceries delivered while home staying during the pandemic. The company was established in September 2020 and started up in April 2021.

Zepto is an Indian grocery delivery platform that is expanding rapidly. It guarantees that groceries will be at your door in ten minutes. Some businesses provide 30-minute delivery. However, Zepto offers 10-minute delivery for necessities.


Zepto Company Details

Aspect Details
Full Name Zepto
Founders Aadit Palicha, Kaivalya Vohra
Founded September 2020, started in April 2021
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Industry Grocery Delivery
Background Developed by teen Stanford dropouts to address grocery delivery challenges during the pandemic
Website www.zeptonow.com

Zepto’s Dark Store Business Model

The Indian e-grocery sector is expected to grow to a value of over $24 billion by 2025. Online grocery sales are expected to reach 3 to 5% of the market by that time, up from less than 1% in the past. Long-term structural factors include younger population demand, eCommerce penetration, lower-tier consumption, rising income, and growing affluence. Two adolescents created the Zepto business idea.

The Dark Store could seem intimidating. The undercut ingenious tactics that helped some retail businesses survive COVID-19. The locations that are closed to the general public are the distribution centers. Together with providing accurate order fulfillment, in-store pickup, same-day delivery, and online purchasing, the tiny warehouses give customers access to resources and options.

Zepto’s rapid success can be attributed to its consistent capacity to produce over 2500 things in 10 minutes. It is the core of everything the supermarket business does; they have grown so rapidly by retaining client loyalty.

Within ten minutes, Zepto delivers the groceries using the Dark Store idea. The supermarket delivery industry is making a lot of money, and Zepto and other startups are the industry segment expanding the fastest.

Contactless Approach

No-contact shopping is a major contributing cause to firms implementing the “dark store” strategy. Customers can buy groceries from dark retailers without going to a physical store or speaking to someone. Customers order online, and their orders are delivered right away.

Expanded Customer Base

The Dark shops increase the platforms’ customer base by placing distribution hubs nearer to consumers. Customers find the stores more appealing because they are always open online and accepting orders.

Inventory and Product Assortment

Zepto’s dark stores are made for simple packing and navigation so that orders may be completed swiftly and effectively. Zepto’s AI-powered tools simplify managing and keeping an eye on inventory and product selection. Better overall product assortment and enhanced inventory control are the outcomes of this.

Effective Distribution

Zepto can process orders more quickly and effectively thanks to its dark store. In addition to offering a number of distribution options, micro and cold warehouses physically deliver groceries to a specific market segment. Zepto will have greater control over the market delivery mechanism in this way.

How does Zepto Make Money?

Zepto Grocery app India makes money by charging a small commission on each order placed through the app. This commission is around 2-3% of the total order value and helps cover the costs of running the app and ensuring that customers have a positive experience.

Zepto has raised more than $360 million in more than four rounds of funding throughout the years. $200 million was raised during their most recent investment round, Series D, on May 2, 2022. They are now well on their way to being valued like unicorns. The corporation is valued at $900 million as of May 3, 2022. The contrary led to the Zepto seed investment in September 2020.

Zepto business model has seen some severe growth recently. Their revenue grew by 800% in the last quarter, and their burn rate per order decreased by five times. This kind of growth is attributed to Zepto boasting 50% monthly growth. Zepto could make $1 billion by next March if this trend continues.


Zepto has raised $100 million in Series C funding led by Y Combinator’s Continuity fund, valuing $570 million. The founders say that investments in Zepto will help it reach more customers and provide them with better service. As of now, Zepto operates in the Indian metros. Every time a grocery store places an order using the app, Zepto receives a commission fee. Furthermore, Zepto can bill clients a delivery fee in exchange for the delivery service.