Top 10 Leading Shipping Companies in India

India and its economy benefit from shipping companies. Shipping companies are the biggest source of transportation today. Shipping firms facilitate trade between countries and maintain economic stability. This allows other countries to swap profits and maintains a steady flow of goods. This method transports cargo, cars, petroleum products, organic compounds, coffee, iron, and steel. India exports shipping services mostly to the US, China, Australia, the UK, the Middle East, and Japan. America, the world’s largest import-export power, has helped India increase revenues and maintained a friendly relationship. It has maintained trade and riches between India and other nations. Let’s look at India’s most trusted and popular shipping firms over the years.

Shipping firms in India combine maritime expertise with operational efficiency! India’s wide coastline and strategic location make it a logistics, shipping, and marine trade hub. Shipping businesses from large container ships to fleet freighters provide seamless communication and encourage worldwide commercial ties in this dynamic sector. If you’re an importer, exporter, or just curious by this industry, join us as we explore India’s top ten best shipping companies.


1. Maersk Line India

Private company Maersk Line India Private Limited was founded on March 3, 2011. It is registered at Mumbai’s Registrar of Companies as a foreign subsidiary. Authorized share capital is Rs. 10,000,000; paid-up capital is Rs. 9,100,000. Travel agencies and supporting transit activities are involved.

Maersk Line India, a subsidiary of Maersk Line, is a major Indian shipping firm. It aids international trade and logistics in the country with its broad network and full services. The organization connects Indian ports to important global destinations with reliable and efficient container shipping. Businesses and sectors involved in import and export are best served by its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions. Maersk Line India’s strong presence and history of excellence help grow India’s maritime industry. Mamta Gupta and Vikash Agarwal are Maersk Line India Private Limited directors.

2. Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) dominates the Indian market. As one of the world’s largest container transport businesses, MSC helps global commerce run smoothly. Mediterranean Shipping Company India CEO Indrajit Sengupta works in Mumbai.

Gianluigi Aponte founded MSC in 1970 as a private international shipping company. MSC, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is a leading container transportation company. Over 150,000 people work at MSC Group across 675 locations in 155 countries. The company enjoys delivering worldwide service with local expertise thanks to its global road, rail, and maritime transport network. In India, MSC offers container shipping, logistics, and intermodal services. The company’s massive fleet connects key Indian ports to global trade corridors. MSC is a reliable shipping supplier for firms of all sizes and in many industries.

3. Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping is India’s most trusted and popular and second largest shipping firm. Established in 1945, Essar Shipping is a private corporation. Its main office is in the Indian city of Mumbai. Essar Shipping Ltd is a global logistics service business that offers ocean transport, oilfield services, and supply chain management.

For more than 40 years, Essar Shipping has owned and operated marine assets, making it one of India’s largest private sector shipping companies. The firm is actively deploying its assets in the spot markets, COAs, and long-term contracts. In addition to paperless navigation and installing scrubbers on ships to reduce pollution and meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, the company has also adopted Green Passports. It is also the only Indian shipping business to have received American Bureau of Shipping certification for operating its bulk ships and tankers in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

4. The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd

One of India’s most prestigious shipping firms, The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd (GE Shipping) has been around since 1948. With its headquarters in Mumbai, GE Shipping has become a formidable force in the shipping and offshore business.

The fleet of GE Shipping includes both product tankers and crude oil tankers, as well as dry bulk carriers, gas carriers, offshore vessels, and other types of tankers. The company has branches in both India and other countries, and it links Indian ports to the world’s key shipping routes. GE Shipping is a major player in the shipping of energy commodities such crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products.

GE Shipping has been recognized and certified for its dedication to quality and responsible operations, with particular emphasis on safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. The fleet is regularly updated thanks to firm investments, and the company strictly follows all applicable international rules and regulations.

5. The Shipping Corporation of India

SCI is India’s largest and most esteemed marine corporation. Western Shipping Corporation and Eastern Shipping Corporation combined in 1961 to form Shipping Corporation of India. Its headquarters are at Corporate Centre, Madame Cama Road, Mumbai.

It serves passenger liners, cargo ships, and oil rigs. The company owns and operates ships for domestic and international shipping firms. SCI, a government-owned firm, has helped India’s shipping sector grow by providing crucial maritime services, promoting commerce, and raising GDP. Due to its expertise, experience, and global network, the Shipping Corporation of India is a major marine commerce and logistics player in India.

6. Cochin Shipyard Ltd

CSL is India’s largest ship repair and construction yard. It is one of several maritime-related businesses in Kochi, Kerala. The company sells tankers, bulk carriers, platform supply vessels, patrol boats, and dive support vessels. Since 1972, CSL has grown into one of the nation’s largest shipyards. CSL is vital to India’s marine industry, supporting naval defense and commercial shipping. The shipyard’s expertise has made India more self-sufficient in shipbuilding and maintenance.

Customer-focused CSL completes projects on time and provides great service. For decades, India’s shipbuilding and repair business has relied on Cochin Shipyard Limited. The company is innovative, quality-focused, and has a rich history.

7. Mercator, Incorporated

Indian conglomerate Mercator Limited explores and produces oil and gas, builds infrastructure, and transports. Since 1933, Mumbai has been its headquarters. It explores and produces oil and gas, builds infrastructure, and provides maritime, offshore, and logistics services.

Mercator’s fleet of 30 ships includes dry bulk carriers, crude oil tankers, and product tankers. In 2020–2021, Mercator made INR 3,819 crores, or $517 million, and its net worth is INR 4,938 crores, or $669 million. The company has paid dividends in recent years due to its profitability. Mercator has invested heavily in new ships and equipment in recent years. The corporation is also helping India’s port infrastructure and shipbuilding grow.

8. Bharati Shipyard Limited

BSL is a top Indian shipbuilder and maintainer. Since 1963, Mumbai has been its headquarters. Shipbuilding and repair are the company’s core businesses. BSL’s Mumbai shipyard builds and repairs offshore support vessels, tugs, and barges.

BSL earned INR 1,874 crores ($256 million) in 2020-2021 on revenues of INR 1,265 crores ($173 million). Investors receive dividends due to the company’s recent performance. Recently, BSL has invested considerably in new shipbuilding and repair facilities to meet expanding ship demand in India and internationally. The company has also invested in technology and equipment R&D.

9. Limited by ABG Shipyard

ABG Shipyard Limited (ABG) is a top Indian shipbuilder and repairer. In 1985, it opened in Surat, Gujarat, as its headquarters. It builds and maintains ships and provides shipping and offshore equipment and services. ABG builds and maintains offshore support vessels, tugs, barges, and other watercraft in Surat and Dahej, Gujarat. ABG’s 2020-2021 revenues and net worth were INR 1,527 crores, or $208 million. The company has paid dividends in recent years due to its profitability. ABG has been working hard to increase its shipbuilding and repair capacities to meet rising demand in India and internationally. The company has also invested in technology and equipment R&D.

10. The Hindustan Shipyard Company, Ltd

Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) has operated for decades. It was started in 1940 in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It builds and maintains ships and provides shipping and offshore equipment and services. HSL’s Visakhapatnam shipyard builds and repairs offshore support boats, tugs, barges, and other watercraft. The company is noted for its high-quality public and private services.


These top 10 shipping businesses are shining examples of reliability, innovation, and worldwide connectedness in the marine industry. Each enterprise plays a crucial part in propelling India’s shipping and logistics sector, from the powerful vessels of Maersk Line India to the strategic solutions provided by the shipping corporation of India. Their cutting-edge fleets, unwavering dedication to customer pleasure, and unwavering focus on sustainability are propelling India to new heights of economic success on the back of international trade. These forerunners in the field ensure the continued success of India’s marine industry, which is crucial to the country’s economic development. As India progresses toward international norms, these top shipping businesses will continue to serve as reliable moorings, keeping freight moving smoothly and cementing international business ties.

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