SEBI Launches Saarthi 2.0 “Personal Finance App”: Simplifying Financial Concepts for Investors

In a significant move to bolster financial literacy and investor protection, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has launched the enhanced version of its personal finance app, Saarthi 2.0. This upgraded application aims to demystify complex financial concepts and provide essential market knowledge to both new and experienced investors. The launch comes at a time when there is a growing participation of retail investors in the Indian stock markets.

Empowering Investors Through Technology

Saarthi 2.0 is designed to offer comprehensive information on a wide array of topics relevant to investors, including the securities market, mutual funds, KYC processes, trading mechanisms, and recent market developments. Available in both Hindi and English, the app is accessible on Android and iOS platforms, ensuring wide reach and usability among diverse demographics.

Addressing the Need for Financial Literacy

With the increasing number of retail investors entering the market, particularly through mobile platforms, there is a pressing need for accessible and reliable financial education tools. According to recent data, the participation of individual investors in the stock market has surged, contributing significantly to the market’s overall turnover. SEBI’s initiative with Saarthi 2.0 is a timely response to this trend, aiming to equip investors with the knowledge required to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of financial markets effectively​.

Features and Functionalities of Saarthi 2.0

The app includes various modules covering different aspects of personal finance and investing:

  • Basic Concepts: Explains fundamental financial principles and investment terminologies.
  • Investor Awareness: Provides updates on recent market trends and developments.
  • Grievance Redressal: Guides users on how to lodge complaints and resolve issues with market intermediaries.
  • Investment Strategies: Offers insights into different investment vehicles and strategies to optimise returns.

Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface and interactive content, such as quizzes and video tutorials, make learning engaging and effective for users of all ages.

SEBI’s Commitment to Investor Protection

SEBI has consistently focused on safeguarding investors and enhancing market transparency. The launch of Saarthi 2.0 underscores SEBI’s commitment to investor education as a critical aspect of market regulation. By providing easy access to vital financial information and resources, SEBI aims to foster a more informed and resilient investor base.

The Road Ahead

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, tools like Saarthi 2.0 will play a crucial role in bridging the knowledge gap and empowering individual investors. SEBI’s proactive approach in leveraging technology for investor education sets a positive precedent for other regulatory bodies globally.

In conclusion, the launch of Saarthi 2.0 is a commendable initiative by SEBI, reflecting its dedication to enhancing financial literacy and investor confidence in India’s financial markets.

For more details on the Saarthi 2.0 app and to download it, visit the official SEBI website.

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