Top 10 Leading PVC Pipe Companies in India

Construction of buildings, flats, apartments, homes and offices requires good quality material, especially raw material and PVC pipe. Even though people stuck to stainless steel pipe for a few years, today, PVC pipe is their first choice.

Stainless steel pipes, on the other hand, are prone to rusting, bulky, slightly expensive, and hard to clean. Furthermore, when it is in an inflexible form, PVC is used in contour applications such as the manufacture of windows and doors, as well as in pipe manufacturing.

For all these reasons, the invention of PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride pipe is a boon to mankind. According to research, it is estimated that around 40 million tons of PVC pipes are produced worldwide.

This article will also teach you the Best PVC Pipe Manufacturers in India. Here we have listed some excellent PVC pipe companies with the best logistic network and dealerships nationwide. So, let’s take a look at the list:

1. Ambition Pipes

Ambition Pipes

Establishment Year: 2019

Ambition pipes, on this list, are the renowned, sought-after producer of a wide range of Electrical Conduit pipe, UPVC pipe, and PVC pipe. The manufacturers themselves keep an eye on making products so they will fulfil the demands of customers by offering the utmost quality products.

The company is following the path of moral business practices to maintain good relationships with its customers. The products offered by Ambition Pipes not only yield with market requirements but are also available at affordable prices.

Key features of Ambition:

  • Known for on-time delivery.
  • Offering premium quality goods.
  • Extensive Distribution Network.
  • Goods at a competitive price.

2. Apollo Pipes

Establishment year: 1986

APL Apollo, previously known as Bihar Tubes, was introduced by Sudesh Kumar Gupta. Since its inception, Apollo has formed an unmatched position in the industry by relentlessly endeavouring to fulfil its clients with good quality tubes and pipes.

Fortunately, Apollo is a famous exporter and manufacturer of Black Steel Tubes, Aluminised Steel Tubes, Steel Pipes and Tubes, Fence Tubes, Well casing Pipes, PVC collection, Structural Steel, etc. These products are best suited for both rural and urban markets. Today, the company has an extensive collection of products with up to 1200 SKUs in its collection.

Key features of APL Apollo

  • ISO-certified company.
  • Availability in multiple sectors, such as Water Supply, Sanitation, Plumbing, Agriculture, Oil, Infrastructure, Construction, and Gas.
  • Offers funnelling arrangement and boosted the extension of fittings.
  • Provides PVC fittings as well.

3. Finolex Industries Limited

Establishment Year: 1981

FIL, or Finolex Industries Limited, is one of the most trusted and largest producers of PVC-U pipes and fittings for the agriculture and plumbing-sanitation industry. It started with the production of PVC pipes in Maharashtra, especially Pune.

But today, the company has its presence in the form of plants in Gujarat, Urs and Ratangiri. Their PVC plants opt for modern equipment and machinery that help engineer approximately 37,000 MT/annually.

The best part about their products is that they are available in pressure classes, sizes, and diameters, making them suitable for many applications. You can contact the manufacturer for better quality C-PVC and PVC-U pipes.

As part of the PVC complex, FIL established an Open Sea Cryogenic Jetty, a first in the Indian private sector.

Key features of Finolex Industries Limited:

  • Products are suitable for diversified applications across various sectors.
  • Trustworthy fitting and PVC manufacturer in the country.
  • Products are used across the country by partners, homeowners, plumbers, farmers, and shareholders.

4. Astral pipes

Establishment year: 1996

Astral pipes were founded for manufacturing drainage systems and plumbing in India. Today, it is among the leading PVC pipe producers. Not only are they well suited in fulfilling the needs of many households, but they also put a milestone to the Indian estate sector. The company has a presence in six different areas of India, including Ghiloth, Santej, Dholka, Hosur, Sitarganj, and Sangli.

The company’s units are well-covered with advanced material feeding and handling systems. The company’s control and production process are completely based on the SCADA system. This company has an in-house QC department to have a clear view and control over the product quality of PVC Pipes.

Key features of Astral Pipes:

  • Brings innovative trends in the piping industry.
  • Popular for exceeding Consumer’s Expectations and Comprise-free quality.
  • Astral has a great presence of mind to deliver affordable products.

5. Dolphin Poly Plast Private Limited

Establishment Year: 1999

ISO-certified Dolphin Poly Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and engineer of an exclusive range of fittings and plastic pipes. This privately owned company has its main presence in Rajkot, Gujarat.

The company takes keen insight into quality checking, modern production and packaging facilities to ensure each customer receives the finest item. They have a large customer in both international and national markets, and as a result, their extensive industry knowledge, products and expertise have earned them a reputation in the market.

Key features of Dolphin Poly Plast Private Limited:

  • Most efficient and prominent producers of Micro irrigation systems and HDPE pipes.
  • Provides a wide range of plastic products across the country.
  • Made high-quality products using the latest machinery along with professional skills.

6. Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

Establishment Year: 1986

Headquartered in Maharashtra (Jalgaon), India, Jain Irrigation system ltd is the largest Micro-Irrigation brand in the world. They specialize in fabricating precision-irrigation products while offering engineering design, soil survey, and agronomic support services. Its pipes are thoroughly used in all possible applications with pipes ranging from 3mm-1600mm in diameter. Their pipes come in a wide variety of pressure ratings as well.

It is estimated that the production of Jain Irrigation is around 3, 00,000 MT/annum. Jain Irrigation is the only ISO, ASTM, IS, DIN and TEC-certified manufacturer with advanced facilities with a DSIR-approved R&D venture. The pipes they distribute are prepared using specially formulated materials.

Key features of Jain Irrigation System Limited:

  • Offers various piping options, including PVC, PE pipes, etc.
  • Provides irrigation system, as well as C-PVC plumbing pipes.
  • Positioned 7th on Fortune’s Change the World List.

7. Kisan Pipes

Establishment Year: 1982

The company’s full name is Kisan Mouldings Limited, which works under the Kisan Group. They have been the leading manufacturers of PVC line products in India. As India’s largest plastics manufacturing company, KML produces approximately 40,000 metric tonnes of polymers annually.

Furthermore, they have the finest collection of fittings and pipes, best suited to meet the wide-ranging plumbing needs of multiple projects like commercial, residential and industries. KML’s plumbing collection includes Free Flow UPVC Plumbing System, KML Classic CPVC Plumbing System, and many more.

Key features of KML:

  • Their products are best for irrigation, water management, sewage disposal systems, and distribution.

8. Supreme Industries

Establishment Year: 1942

Supreme Industries is a marvellous brand in the plastic sector of India. They have comprehensive knowledge of forming cost-effective and innovative pipe solutions. The brand is growing, intending to provide high-quality pipe so that it can fulfil its customers’ demands.

Their pipe collection is best suited to practically apply in various applications. ISO-certified Supreme industries perfectly blend product variety, technology, and scale.

Key features of Supreme Industries:

  • Availability of multiple ranges of fitting and pipes.
  • Products meet national and international standards.
  • Products are shipped throughout the world.

9. Star Plastics

Establishment year: 1995

Operated under the Star Group, Star Plastics produces and supplies a variety of extruded and moulded products. Based on the requirements of customers, the company offers customized services.

As a market leader in multiple plastic products, Star Plastic’s products are designed using premium raw materials from Indian and foreign suppliers.

Key features of Star Plastics:

  • Known for world-class plastic products.
  • Products are highly popular for their perfect finish and great quality.

10. Savera Pipes Private Limited

Establishment Year: 1998

Saver Pipes Private Limited is promised to trade and manufacture premium quality Pipes and Wires. The organization makes Electric Cables, Electric Wires, Hoses, PVC, UPVC Pipes, and other products.

Their products are lightweight, easy to use, and damage resistance. Even their pipes are distributed at affordable rates. All their products are designed using top-notch quality components and materials collected from renowned market suppliers.

Key features of Savera Pipes Private Limited:

  • All goods are engineered considering India’s wide variety of needs.
  • Extensive business knowledge.


PVCs are being used for a wide variety of uses, such as drinking water distribution, drainage and sewage systems, plumbing, chemical handling, irrigation systems, fume, entertainment, and ventilation ducts.

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