Top 10 Popular Business Magazines in India

Well, if you are someone who truly wants to dive deeper into the business world and see yourself succeed in the future, then you must know every nitty-gritty of the business scene, not just in your country but what’s actually happening all around the globe. That’s not enough though, if you could only read or get to know how other entrepreneurs and successful people think, that would really be a game changer thing for you, right? Well, that is precisely why business magazines exist, they get you into deep stuff about the whole business scene, not just in India, but what’s happening in other parts of the world. And thankfully, we do not have any shortage of the top of the line business magazines right here in India. So yeah, if you wanna know more about these business magazines then keep on reading because today’ post is all about the top 10 popular and reputed business magazines in India for 2024. Alright, here we go.

1. Forbes India

Forbes India

Now, when you talk about the best of the best business magazines in India, you just can’t skip Forbes India. Published every two weeks, it’s like your go-to guide for everything finance, industry, investing, and marketing-related. This isn’t just any magazine, mind you, it’s an offshoot of the globally acclaimed American publication, but with a twist, it’s tailored for the diverse Indian market. From the buzzing startup scene to the big-league corporate world, Forbes India has got it all covered. Professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs are literally hanging onto every word for its comprehensive industry analyses and insights.

2. Business India

Alright, let’s throw it back to 1978, that’s when the Advani brothers decided to shake things up in the world of business journalism with Business India. This magazine isn’t just a publication; it’s a revolution in English, now reaching even more readers in various Indian languages. Covering a wide spectrum of sectors, Business India stands out with its spot-on news and insights. It’s not just a magazine though, it’s a legacy that’s been feeding the minds of business enthusiasts across the nation with its top-notch content.

3. Business Today

Alright, let’s talk about Business Today, a real game-changer in the business mag scene ever since it popped up back in ’92. What’s the buzz about it, you ask? Well, it’s like the go-to magazine for anyone who wants the inside scoop on India’s business world, especially after it went all liberalized and stuff. This incredible business magazine edition is not just about doling out the news, it’s a whole mix of what’s-what in the economy, killer analysis, and features that not just business geeks but pretty much anyone keen on society and the economy would dig.

4. Entrepreneur

Now, onto Entrepreneur Magazine, and yeah, this one’s a biggie, globally speaking! Since the late 70s, like 1977, to be exact, it’s been the guiding star for folks who are all about business and entrepreneurship. What’s in it? Well, it’s actually full of stuff that’s gold for both the seasoned business owner and the newbie entrepreneur. Think of it as your business guide, giving you the lowdown with insights, advice, and all those inspiring profiles that make you wanna dive headfirst into the business world, all confident and ready to win at it.

5. Fortune

Now, if you are talking about business magazines that have a legacy to be proud of, you just can’t leave out Fortune Magazine. Originating from the bustling streets of New York way back in 1929, this magazine has been a cornerstone in the business world. Owned by none other than Fortune Media Group Holdings, what this magazine brings to the table is nothing short of impressive. We’re talking about razor-sharp insights into finance, corporate maneuvers, and the latest in business news. And yeah, for those of you hooked on the Indian business scene, Fortune India is your treasure trove, offering a deep dive into everything that’s shaping India’s business landscape.

6. Outlook Business Magazine

Alright, let’s talk about another heavy hitter in the business journalism arena, Outlook Business Magazine. This isn’t just your average magazine, oh no. It’s a frontrunner, a trailblazer offering the kind of insightful analysis that can keep you glued to its pages. From finance and investment to the vast, intricate web of the broader economic ecosystem, it’s got it all. And let’s not forget, it’s not just the content that’s award-winning, it’s their global perspective that’s a game-changer. For the pros out there looking to get even deeper into the business world out there, Outlook Business Magazine is like striking gold.

7. The CEO Magazine

Now, when we talk about magazines that are a big hit among the top-notch business leaders in India, you can’t just leave out The CEO Magazine, right? It’s like this magazine knows what over 3000 CEOs are thinking, and that’s probably why it’s grown super fast in popularity. Imagine a magazine covering everything from the nitty-gritty of luxury and travel to the latest in health and technology, not to forget the in-depth business reviews. It’s the kind of read that if you’re aiming to be the next big thing in the executive world or already are one, you’ve got to have this in your hands.

8. Business World

Alright, let’s talk about the Business World now. You see, this isn’t just any magazine, it’s like the go-to guide for everything that’s buzzing in the Indian economy and industry and that too like right now. If you’re someone who’s deep into entrepreneurship, finance, and investment, then this magazine is pretty much a goldmine for you. It’s packed with all the stuff you need to stay on top of your game in this super competitive business world. Think of it as your personal toolkit, filled with insights and knowledge that’s going to keep you one step ahead, always.

9. Inc.

Now, when you’re talking about magazines that really dive deep into the world of small businesses and startups, you just can’t skip over Inc. Magazine. It’s like this treasure trove for anyone who’s got their sights set on the entrepreneurial world. Loaded with all sorts of nifty advice, growth hacks, and those super inspiring success tales, Inc. is pretty much the go-to for folks trying to find their way through the business jungle. Trust us, if you’re aiming to tackle the twists and turns of the business scene, Inc. Magazine is your best bet.

10. The Economist

Alright, let’s wrap this list up with The Economist. And yeah, this one’s a biggie, especially if you’re all about getting that global viewpoint. The Economist doesn’t just skim the surface, it dives deep with sharp analysis and on-point commentary on everything business, politics, and economics on an international scale. It’s like this goldmine of information if you’re trying to get your head around the complex web of global events and trends that are shaping how the business world actually spins. For anyone looking to grasp the bigger picture of the world’s economy and business maneuvers, The Economist is just indispensable.


That’ll do it. Now, you shouldn’t just subscribe to all of these magazines, in our opinion, just take a look at what these magazines frequently talk about and give insights about. And according to that, subscribe to a few of your favorite ones, that would be the way to go.

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