MINISO Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

MINISO is a worldwide store that sells good items for your home, beauty products, and food at cheap prices. It was started in 2013 by Ye Guofu. Now, there are over 4,200 MINISO stores in 80 countries. At MINISO, they believe everyone deserves nice things at a good price. They want to make sure everyone can afford good quality stuff. They want to help people everywhere live better lives. Do you want to be part of the MINISO family? If you’re interested, let’s talk about becoming a MINISO franchise in India. We’ll discuss costs, requirements, and how to apply.


Miniso Franchise Fees

To open a MINISO store, you need to invest at least ₹70 lakhs. The franchise fee is ₹1.5 lakhs when you sign the agreement, including GST. You also pay a trading fee of INR 18,000 for the first year after signing the contract. The estimated cost of fixtures is around ₹8 lakhs. You pay an advance when you sign the contract, and the rest before delivery. There’s also a fit-out deposit of ₹5 lakhs when you sign the contract and an estimated fit-out fee of around ₹5 lakhs before starting the fit-out process.

Requirements for Miniso Franchise

To get a Miniso franchise in India, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Sign a franchise lease agreement.
  • Get a GST registration number.
  • Have a bank account and provide bank statements for the last six months.
  • Show Income Tax Returns for the last three years.
  • Provide ID proof like Aadhar and PAN card.
  • Show residential proof like property agreement, electricity bill, ration card, or passport.
  • Preferably have a space of 500-1200 sq ft with a gate width of at least 2 meters.
  • The location should be in a prosperous commercial area, high streets, or malls in specific cities, mainly tier 3 or smaller cities.
  • You need to invest ₹70 lakhs to qualify for the franchise.
  • Have a credible business acquisition background.

Apply Process for Miniso Franchise

Here’s how to get a Miniso franchise:

  • Fill out the contact form by clicking on this link: Or call +91-8586968006 for help with franchising in India. The Miniso team will guide you through the application.
  • Pick a district or place for your store.
  • Sign a new lease and arrange for renovations. Train your new staff on Miniso systems and how to run the store.
  • Get support for logistics and promotions during the big opening of your new Miniso store!
  • Miniso will keep helping with promotions and restocking products even after your store is up and running.

Benefits of Starting a Miniso Franchise

Starting a Miniso franchise has several benefits:

  1. Miniso’s limited assortment model simplifies tracking available stock and helps predict when to make new purchases.
  2. With over 25,000 SKUs and 1400 subcategories, Miniso offers a diverse selection on a well-established branding platform.
  3. A professional team assists franchisees in merchandise, marketing, logistics, operations, IT, leasing, HR, and accounting.
  4. Miniso uses a top-tier SAP system for automated management, streamlining operations.
  5. With COVID-19 impacting rents, now is a great time to secure premium lease deals at lower rates.
  6. Miniso offers limited preferential conditions, including discounted fees and royalties, to support investors.
  7. Miniso’s products turnover every 21 days, with new arrivals every 7 days, enticing customers to return for limited stock.
  8. Miniso has a global presence in major consumer markets like the USA, India, and China, offering franchisees the opportunity to leverage its brand name.
  9. Miniso targets consumers aged 18-35 who seek a sensible, minimal yet luxurious lifestyle at affordable prices, making it well-suited for the Indian market dominated by this demographic.


So, we hope you enjoyed learning about the Miniso Franchise. In India, retail stores make up 10% of the country’s economy. Miniso’s style and quality have made it a top brand in retail. Their simple yet high-quality products are loved by many young people worldwide. Miniso focuses on giving customers great products at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of items, making shopping fun again in physical stores. Miniso partners with famous brands like Marvel and Coca-Cola to create cool new products, which helps their business grow.