Bata Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

The Bata Corporation makes shoes, clothes, and fashion items. It comes from Czech and has offices in Lausanne, Switzerland. Now, let’s talk about Bata India. It’s the biggest seller and maker of shoes in India and is part of the Bata Shoe Organization. Bata Shoe Company Private Limited started in 1931 and began in Konnagar near Kolkata in 1932. Today, Bata India is the biggest shoe seller in India. It has over 1375 stores in good places like cities and towns. If you’re interested in the fees and requirements for starting a Bata franchise in India, keep reading.


Bata Franchise Fees

To start a Bata franchise, it will cost you around ₹30 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs, not counting the land costs.

  • The franchise fee would be around ₹2.5 lakh + GST (paid one time)
  • The company will do the interior setup for ₹12-13 lakhs.
  • Starting stock investment required is ₹20 lakhs – ₹22 lakhs.
  • The member cost for 2 sales managers and 8 staff (The salary is based on your location)

Requirements for Bata Franchise

  1. For a Bata franchise you need to have 2000 square feet. The store should be in the heart of the town. Bata should be visible for customers to find, ideally in locations like department stores, shopping malls, or neighborhood markets.
  2. Running a Bata franchise needs basic business knowledge. You don’t need any higher expertise to run this business.
  3. Bata has over 1375 stores in India, achieving each city, big or small. They collaborate with franchise companions to expand the business throughout the United States.
  4. Setting up the store and deciding on the proper place are key. Bata provides an in depth manual for clean operations. They also offer guides in exclusive areas. Assessing the situation earlier than establishing it is beneficial.
  5. Each Bata store has 10 employees. The store manager usually keeps track of them. Also, there will be a cashier, security guard, and janitor.

Apply Process for Bata Franchise

To apply for a Bata Franchise:

  • Go to the official Bata Website.
  • You’ll find the “Become a Partner” option on the homepage.
  • Click on it and select “Become Our Franchise Partner” from the dropdown menu.
  • Also, you can use this link:
  • Fill simple details like your name, email, city, state, occupation, and the size of the area you have.
  • If you get selected for the franchise, Bata will contact you for further details.

Benefits of Owning a Bata Franchise

  1. Bata is an international brand started in Switzerland and based in Canada, operates in over 70 countries with 5,300 stores worldwide.
  2. Owning a franchise of famous brands like Bata makes it simpler to build purchaser reputation. In India, Bata is the biggest footwear store, with a robust community of shops, making it a popular preference among clients.
  3. With more than 1375 shops throughout the nation, Bata shops are strategically positioned in busy regions, targeting the heart of the town and rural regions.
  4. Bata has ambitions to provide first rate shoes at affordable expenses. It’s known for affordable footwear in India, making sure that it will be a value for money for customers.
  5. Being in the international market considering that 1894 and set up in India in 1931, Bata has built a depended on reputation throughout generations.
  6. Apart from footwear, Bata provides accessories like belts and socks, shoe polishes, money bags, hankies and all. Overall, they offer a complete variety of products.
  7. Bata in India is ISO certified making exceptional guaranteed products for customers.

Agreement and Term Information

When you’re planning to open a Bata Franchise, the company’s team will contact you regarding their agreements and also they will check out the location. After that, you’ll have to sign a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and the Bata team will give you all the related documents. When you’ll agree with all the Bata’s terms and conditions, make sure to sign a 3-years contract for franchise. Don’t worry, you can renew this later.


So, we are hoping we’ve made it clear about the Bata franchise. If you pay attention to us, we recommend you to go for a Bata Franchise. Nowadays, there are numerous shoe brands available in India, but what makes Bata extraordinary is their traditional fashion. They’ve been making handcrafted, first rate, stylish, and comfortable footwear for over one hundred years. They aim to give their customers a great shopping experience. Bata additionally promotes various wholesale departments with over 30,000 sellers. Overall, investing in a Bata Franchise will be a great move for you.