Top 10 Leading MICE Companies In India

If you work in a company or corporate world, or if you are a business professional, you may already have heard about the term MICE. MICE management includes Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) services this scheme is quite popular in the hospitality and business travel industries. The whole point of MICE is to provide travel, events & meeting, and other important facilities to bring people with the same interests together for the betterment of personal as well as business growth. However, since the Covid 19 outbreak in India, the tourism industry was shaken up badly, but thankfully, India has managed to tackle this pandemic situation to some extent. Thus, the tourism industry is slowly coming back on track, which includes MICE companies as well.

MICE companies are such companies that provide hospitality and travel options for business needs. And if you are looking to opt for one then chances are, you’d have a hard time selecting a particular MICE company since there are hundreds in India. Therefore, we decided to come up with a comprehensive list of the top 10 best MICE companies in India, that are not just famous and trusted in the Indian market but are also renowned MICE companies on the international level.


So stay tuned for that because we’ll be talking about the highlighting aspects of every company below.

1. Tybros India Tours Private Limited

It’s been more than two decades since Tybros is providing its incredible MICE management services in India for business and corporate needs. This MICE company understands the needs of various businesses, companies, and corporate entities, and based on that, they offer the best possible MICE package to meet the client’s needs. That’s the reason why Tybros India Tour Private Limited won the “Best Corporate Travel Management Company” award in the year 2013. Not just that, whether you require leisure travel, wildlife tours, adventure trips, or a travel tour for educational purposes, Tybros India has got you covered. And you can also choose between domestic events or travel plans, or in case you want to opt for an overseas MICE event, then also Tybros India Tours Private Limited would be a perfect fit for you.

2. India MICE

If you find a list of top MICE companies in India, and you don’t see India MICE’s name on it, chances are that list is completely biased or formed by someone who doesn’t even know what a best MICE company means. India MICE offers almost all the facilities and events as well as tourism services that you expect from a world-class MICE company. The management of this company ensures to follow the global standards when delivering or providing services to every single client. As you may already know, it is not just the services offered by a company that makes it a good company, the staff members are equally important. It wouldn’t be an incorrect statement to make that, India MICE has the most well-experienced, polite, and talented staff members you’ll ever see working in a tourism company.

3. IDH Destination Pvt LTD

IDH or India Dream Holiday Destination Pvt LTD is a Delhi-based MICE management company. However, compared to other companies on today’s list, IDH is fairly new in this domain, but still it managed to establish itself strongly in the Indian market since its existence in 2011. The Corporate Travel and Events service is solely dedicated to providing the best possible experience to the client. The IDH management is able to do that because the people behind this MICE management company understand that no two clients have the same tastes when it comes to setting up events in different locations and getting the tourism facilities as per their interests, preference, and requirements.

4. Dee Catalyst Pvt. Ltd

If you want to opt for the best possible MICE management services while not going over budget, then Dee Catalyst Pvt Ltd would be a perfect choice. In India, this company is primarily known for customer satisfaction thing in the MICE management industry. Since the existence of Dee Catalyst in India, it has completed more than a thousand MICE assignments. One thing that makes this company stand out as compared to others on our list is that the management has hired highly talented, experienced, and quite creative people. That’s the reason, the staff members design the overall MICE plan based on every individual client’s needs, and they always offer something creative with the package, which most clients actually like.

5. Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings is one of the oldest established travel companies in India. Unlike other old companies in the tourism industry, Cox & Kings was able to adapt according to the time, thus we see the use of advantage technology used by this company. Not just that MICE management is also one of the popular services offered by Cox & Kings. Therefore, we’d like to state that there are just a few other companies that can compete with Cox & Kings when it comes to business travel, events management, outbound tourism, and incentive & conference solutions in the Indian market.

6. FCM Travel Solutions

FCM Travel Solutions is a multinational tourism company that offers services in America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as well. Since there’s a high need for MICE management services in Asia, that’s the reason FCM Travel Solutions is thriving in and around the Indian subcontinent. No matter what your needs are regarding business tourism, FCM Travel Solutions will provide the best services you can expect from such a global or international level MICE company.

7. ITL World

ITL World offers its travel and tourism services on a total of four continents of the world. And you can easily find ITL World’s head office in Mumbai, India. In 2019, ITL got the award of the best MICE company by MALT Excellence Awards. Whether you require services regarding  Corporate Travel, MICE, Leisure Travel, or anything like that, consider going with ITL World because you can be sure to get world-class service.

8. Travel Corporation India Ltd

Travel Corporation India Ltd made its first appearance in India’s tourism industry back in 1961. And since then, this tourism company has been growing, both in size as well as popularity. Currently, when it comes to MICE management, Travel Corporation India Ltd offers unmatched services and facilities for business and corporate needs. And you can say for sure that this travel company pioneered the MICE trend in India.

9. Trail Blazer Tours India Private Limited

Trail Blazer Tours India Pvt Ltd is known for its affordability in the tourism industry. No matter whether you are planning a personal/family trip, or you want business travel or corporate travel services, this tourism company will meet your requirements for sure. Not just that, this company provides the best MICE services in India while following global standards. Along with that, Trail Blazer has a global presence as well, and you can find branches of this company in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, Austria, China, and of course India.

10. Alpcord Network

If you are in need of MICE services under a budget with the best possible facilities, then Alpcord Network can be a one-stop solution for you. You’d be surprised to know that Alpcord Network is one such travel company that organizes trips for VVIPs and the most important people of India like politicians and business professionals. On top of that, it is an IATA-certified travel company, and that’s the reason as a client you can expect to get top-notch facilities and services when opting for a travel plan.

Final Thoughts

Now it should be much easier for you to choose a MICE company as per your needs/requirements since we have provided you with the list of the top 10 best MICE companies in India. It would be better for you to call or visit the websites of these companies to find out more about various plans and facilities.

How To Choose The Best MICE Company in India

Although planning a MICE event can be fun, it is sometimes best to leave the details to an experienced MICE planner company to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the best MICE Company in India.

1. They should be creative

Choose a company who can create an intricate concept for your company’s business program as the first step in preparing successful MICE. You can use this to settle on the total number of sessions, their length, when they will take place, and any other pertinent details.

When making a reservation, it is a good idea to review the venue’s policies, such as its capacity and its cancellation procedures.

2. They should be expert in advance planning

To begin, they should make preparations four days before the event. Having a solid strategy and then carrying it out without a hitch is crucial. Get in touch with MICE Company and reserve the venue well in advance to take advantage of reduced costs. The first step they will take is to create a guest list.

They will contact the preferred speakers and reps in order to secure their availability.

By preparing ahead of time, any potential issues are spotted early and may be dealt with effectively.

3. They should be aware of how to make events successful

To increase the likelihood of people attending your event, they will organize a panel of interesting speakers and set the stage in an attractive location. They will find a charismatic host to host your event. Listen to the opinions of your guests to make your MICE a smashing success.

You can get a feel for attendees’ thoughts by surveying them or inviting them to share theirs as soon as possible after the event is over. This will help you enhance the quality of your offerings.

4. They should ensure interesting content

The primary focus should be on the reason for the gathering. Ensure that the representative you send to the meeting is fluent in the language spoken there. Concerning the substance!

Those that choose to attend your event will do so because they find its content engaging. In choosing a representative, consider their social status and the strength of their conversational skills. Include activities such as question & answer sessions and feedback forms to make the event more engaging.

5. They should be cost-effective

The goal of a MICE event is to aid in the development of an organization, the propagation of an idea and objective, the dissemination of plans, and the raising of public awareness. Without proper administration, all of these goals will be for naught.

Make good use of the available funds when planning the event. Be sure that your MICE event is of the highest possible standard. You can save money on event planning and management by using some simple strategies.

Hiring a MICE company will be great as they will do their best to identify creative ways to lower costs without sacrificing the quality of your MICE event without exhausting all of your options.

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