Lendingkart Business Model: How Does Lendingkart Make Money?

Technology has changed the lending sector, and loans are now provided as quickly and precisely as possible. Digital advancements have supplanted the era of traditional paperwork, making borrowing easier for consumers. One such innovative company transforming finance for Indian small businesses is Lendingkart. Their outstanding bottom-line results testify to their rising magnitude, with about 10k crore loan disbursals to their credit.


Understanding Lendingkart

Online lender Lendingkart, situated in Ahmedabad, assists small and medium-sized businesses in obtaining short-term working capital loans. The digital financing platform Lendingkart was established in 2014 by former ISRO scientist Mukul Sachan and banker Harshvardhan Lunia, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. The two companies that make up the Lendingkart Group are Lendingkart Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which creates the underlying technology, and Lendingkart Finance Limited, a non-deposit-taking NBFC.

The company assesses consumer creditworthiness, identifies risks, detects fraud, and disburses loans in less than 72 hours using its in-house big data analytics tools plus machine learning algorithms. Data models created by Lendingkart’s internal data science and data engineering team are used in the main underwriting procedure.

Lendingkart Company Details

Company Name Lendingkart
Origin Country India
Founded 2014
Founders Harshvardhan Lunia, Mukul Sachan
CEO Harshvardhan Lunia
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Industry Fintech, Online Lending
Key Offerings Business Loans, Working Capital Loans
Official Website www.lendingkart.com

Business Model of LendingKart

Lendingkart sets itself apart with a customer-focused business model that puts the least work on business owners looking for funding. By putting the customer’s needs first, this customer-centric strategy seeks to reduce financial pressures so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on growing their businesses instead of being bogged down by ongoing financial worries. Lendingkart stands out in the competitive Indian business scene thanks to its emphasis on quick processes, easy accessibility, and a dedication to supporting business growth. It is the preferred financing choice for small and medium-sized business owners in the country.

Lendingkart’s unique features, such as its expedited application process and prompt capital availability, appeal to companies seeking funding. Lendingkart’s stance as the go-to financial option is further cemented by its dedication to a hassle-free experience and a distinct focus on business expansion, meeting the changing needs of entrepreneurs in the fast-paced Indian business environment.

Lendingkart – Revenue Model

With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, Lendingkart mostly makes money from the interest it collects on its loans. The interest collected on the loans given to companies needing financing is the main source of income for this source. Lendingkart expands its revenue streams beyond interest income by offering advertising, commissions, and benefits from loan assignments.

Among the most notable sources of commission income is the creative “together” scheme known as 2gthr. Lendingkart works with banks and non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs) to provide co-lending services, opening up a new source of income and encouraging cooperative financial solutions.

Products and Services

Working Capital Loans-Working capital loans from LendingKart are designed to give companies the financial flexibility they require to take advantage of expansion possibilities, manage ongoing operations, and meet urgent liquidity needs.

Unsecured Business Loans-Business loans from LendingKart are designed to meet the funding requirements of M SMEs. These loans are intended to give companies access to money for innovation, working capital, and expansion.

Unsecured Loans- With the help of unsecured loans from LendingKart, businesses can obtain credit without the need for collateral and can obtain cash swiftly and effectively.

MSME Credit Card-Their MSME Credit card continues to be the most eagerly awaited product on their list of future releases. Numerous advantages are promised, with an emphasis on cutting-edge features.

Gold Loan-With LendingKart’s Gold Loan, you may pledge your jewelry in return for a loan from one of their Certified Gold Loan Partners at an industry-first interest rate of 0.89%*.

Personal Loan- For those needing a personal loan, Kart’s digital lending platform Upwards makes it easier with its straightforward online application procedure that does away with the need for a ton of documentation. Instant credit lines up to Rs. 5 lakh are available, with EMIs beginning at Rs. 2500.

Data-Driven Decisioning-The business analyses thousands of data points from several sources using advanced analytics and technology tools to determine a small business’s creditworthiness and provide appropriate services.

Future Plans

Lendingkart has set an ambitious aim for the fiscal year 2023–2024, based on a June 2023 news source. Harshvardhan Lunia, the visionary CEO and creator of Lendingkart Group is optimistic that the company’s primary operation will surpass a noteworthy milestone: Rs 6,000 crore. Comparing this projection to the Rs 4,000 crore distributed throughout the fiscal year (FY23), there has been a noticeable improvement.


A non-deposit-taking NBFC, Lendingkart Finance Limited offers business and working capital loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout India. The organization evaluates hundreds of data points from several sources using analytics and technology to determine a small business’s creditworthiness quickly and reliably.