Is Vivaia a Chinese Company?

VIVAIA is a relatively young brand of shoes. When they launched the company in 2020, they aimed to produce stylish shoes using eco-friendly materials and methods. Although its headquarters are in China, they have offices in the United Kingdom. The website does, however, show the address in the UK. For the pinnacle of environmentally friendly clothing and footwear, they concentrate on making both fashionable and comfortable shoes by “fusing modern technology with sustainable practices.”


Headquarters China
Industry Footwear
Founded Not specified
Product Focus Sustainable Women’s Footwear
Global Presence Ships internationally
Market Focus Sustainable and comfortable footwear
Notable Products Flats, Loafers, Sneakers, Sandals
Style Eco-friendly, Comfortable
Manufacturing China
Online Presence Website, Social Media
Customer Base Eco-conscious consumers, Comfort seekers
Shipping Worldwide shipping available
Returns Return and exchange policy available
Customer Support Online chat, email, phone


What makes them most famous are their apartments. They now offer a wider assortment of shoes, including boots, mules, sneakers, sandals, and loafers. Many of the shoes can be machine-washed and constructed from recycled plastic bottles.

Shoe Features

  • Adaptable Uppers-crafted from recycled plastic bottles and friendly to the skin.
  • Every foot form is accommodated with Fit A-EE Feet Shoes.
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Most shoes can be washed with their cleaning kit and are machine washable.
  • The materials used in the multi-featured outsole include sugarcane, lightweight EVA, and anti-slip rubber.
  • Argy Insole with Artemisia
  • Odor-resistant, antibacterial, and breathable.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Travel-friendly and portable to any place.


  • Return & Exchange Policy- Before we ship any of our items to consumers, they are always subjected to stringent quality control inspections. However, they provide a 30–45-day refund and exchange policy when you need to make a return or exchange.
  • Shipped directly-They save you money by shipping our shoes straight to you instead of incurring the upfront expenses of selling through shops.
  • Effective Delivery Assistance- The goods they offer can be delivered to any location worldwide by their worldwide supply chain, and the closest warehouse can deliver them to you in 5 to 7 working days.
  • Payment: The prices on their website are displayed in US dollars by default. You can customize the currency in the upper left corner. A monthly currency exchange will complete the real deal in US dollars.


VIVAIA has been committed to producing high-quality products since 2020. They have successfully created a range of upscale clothing and shoes that are expensive, stylish, and of excellent quality at an affordable price. Their cozy shoes represent the pinnacle of environmentally friendly clothing and footwear by fusing cutting-edge technology with sustainable processes.

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