Is Roborock a Chinese Company?

Yes Roborock, formerly Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd., is a Chinese consumer goods manufacturer well-known for its handheld cordless stick vacuums and robotic sweeping and mopping tools. Xiaomi was instrumental in the establishment of the business.


Roborock Company Details

Headquarters Beijing, China
Industry Consumer Electronics, Robotics
Founded 2014
Key Products Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Robot Mops
Global Presence Roborock operates globally, products sold worldwide
Market Focus Specializes in smart home cleaning solutions
Notable Products Roborock S7, Roborock S6 MaxV, Roborock E4
Innovation Known for advanced mapping and navigation technology
Manufacturing Locations Production facilities in China
Online Presence Active on social media platforms and official website
Customer Base Popular among consumers seeking automated cleaning
Warranty and Support Offers customer service and warranty coverage


Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd. (Roborock) was established in July 2014 and is a company that focuses in the development, research, and manufacturing of goods that enhance people’s quality of life. Their cordless stick vacuum and the range of robot vacuums are made to function so well that people can spend more time doing the things they enjoy and less time doing chores. With R&D and branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Roborock has its headquarters in Beijing.


Roborock is a company that conducts research, develops, and manufactures household cleaning products. Its specialty is cordless, robotic, wet/dry vacuums. Each Roborock product has been created to resolve real issues so that Roborock users can have better lives. At the moment, Roborock is accessible in over 140 countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, and Spain. The company has offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, working from these four locations.


ReactiveAI is an obstacle avoidance technique used in the more recent Roborock “S” range of robotic floor cleaners. The Qualcomm AP 8053 CPU powers the twin camera in the front bumper, which records images at 30 frames per second and can distinguish objects as small as 5 cm broad by 3 cm high.

This technology communicates a degree of certainty regarding each object by classifying it into one of five types of obstacles to avoid, all through an app on the user’s smartphone. It may steer clear of ordinary household obstructions and detritus, such as shoes, power strips, and pet waste. Moving throughout an area, Roborock cleaners highlight known and unknown things on the floor to prevent damage on subsequent runs, forming a schematic map of the area.


China’s Roborock is a manufacturer and distributor of robotic vacuum cleaners. The company primarily designs, develops, produces, and markets intelligent hardware, including cleaning robots. Its headquarters are in China.

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