Is Holosun a Chinese Company?

No, Holosun is not a Chinese Company. Despite being an American firm, Holosun’s products are manufactured in China. Although Holosun’s product design is done in the United States and the company is headquartered in California, most of its manufacturing is done in China.

Holosun technology, Inc. has made a name for itself as a major manufacturer of laser/IR technology, magnifiers, and red dot sights that meet a variety of shooting requirements. Due to the company’s dedication to hunters, quality, innovation, and affordability, law enforcement officers, and military operations all over the world have come to appreciate and appreciate its products.


Headquarters California, USA
Industry Optics, Firearms Accessories
Founded 2013
Key Products Red Dot Sights, Reflex Sights, Magnifiers
Global Presence Holosun operates globally, products sold worldwide
Market Focus Specializes in innovative firearm optics
Notable Products Holosun HS510C, HE507C-GR, HM3X Magnifier
Innovation Known for solar-powered red dot sights
Manufacturing Locations Production facilities in China
Quality Assurance Focuses on durable and reliable optics
Online Presence Active on social media and e-commerce platforms
Customer Base Popular among firearm enthusiasts and professionals


The factories of Holosun are in China. Several sectors, especially those that make optics, frequently do this to take use of the region’s affordable production resources.

Holosun is dedicated to developing cutting-edge laser, optic, and infrared technologies that serve a variety of shooting, law enforcement, hunting, and military applications. They were founded in 2013 and use the same high manufacturing standards that some of the world’s most recognizable brands of optics demand. With a large selection of reasonably priced solutions and in-house technology advancements, we guarantee industry-leading quality and value.

China is where most of Holosun’s laser optic technologies are produced. Due to its low pricing, Holosun also commands a sizable share of the US market. Holosun, which controls a sizable chunk of the US market, has grown its American manufacturing plant. Now, Walnut, California is the site of manufacture for several of their optical products. Rua Foireann Inc. is the Californian manufacturer of Holosun’s products.


Despite having its headquarters in China, Holosun has a global strategy for business, product development, and market interaction, which points to a more expansive identity. Holosun is a global company that focuses on providing inventive and high-quality products to a wide range of customers. In the optics sector, Holosun stands out as a unique combination of technological innovation, manufacturing efficiency, and global market outreach.

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