Is Gopro a Chinese Company?

No, Gopro is not a Chinese Company.

Nick Woodman established GoPro, Inc., a US technology business that is commonly referred to as GoPro. It creates its own mobile apps and video editing tools in addition to producing action cameras. It is headquartered in California’s San Mateo. The first name of this business was Woodman Labs, Inc.

The camera is real if it can establish a connection with the GoPro App. Though all GoPros are manufactured in China, their designs are first developed and engineered in the United States before being transported to China for production. GoPro does this function at their own facilities in China.

It created Karma, a quadcopter drone that was made available in October 2016. 2018. January saw the end of Karma. GoPro collaborates with athletes all the time.


Gopro Company Details

Headquarters San Mateo, California, United States
Industry Consumer Electronics, Action Cameras
Founded 2002
Founders Nick Woodman
Key Products Action Cameras, Camera Accessories
Global Presence GoPro operates globally, products sold worldwide
Market Focus Specializes in compact, rugged action cameras
Notable Products GoPro HERO series, MAX, Fusion
Innovation Known for advancements in action camera technology
User Base Popular among adventurers, sports enthusiasts
Brand Recognition Recognizable for its compact camera design and logo
Online Presence Active on social media platforms and e-commerce sites
Stock Exchange GoPro is publicly traded on NASDAQ under “GPRO”


Nick Woodman started the business in 2002. His motivation stemmed from a surfing trip he had in 2002 to Australia, where he wanted to act shots of surfers but was unable to do so since amateur photographers were unable to get close enough or purchase good equipment at affordable pricing.

Since “going pro” was the objective and the only method to be videotaped on the water at the time, Woodman, and his surfing mates all wanted to be professional surfers, which is how the moniker “GoPro” originated. The ‘Hero’ camera range got its name from the goal of capturing action photos up close that gave the subject a heroic appearance.


HERO cameras

After establishing the firm, Woodman spent two years developing his first camera before revealing the GoPro 35mm HERO in September 2004 at the Action Sports Retailer trade show within San Diego.

GoPro KARMA & GoPro KARMA Grip

The consumer drone manufactured by GoPro was called the Karma, and it was discontinued in January 2018.

GoPro 360° Cameras

GoPro introduced the Fusion camera by November 2017. It is an omnidirectional camera that can capture 360-degree video. The first GoPro with a higher maximum resolution of 5.8K was the Fusion. GoPro refreshed this lineup in October 2019 by releasing the GoPro MAX.


For its cameras, GoPro manufactures a range of mounting accessories, including as a 3-way mount, chest harness, suction cup, jaws-style flexible clamp, surfing mount, dog harness, and more.

Video editing

To edit camera footage, the company created GoPro Studio, a basic video editing program.


The GoPro corporation eventually developed its action camera range and later video editing software with an eye toward the connected sports sector.

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