MWP Full Form in Insurance

What is the Full Form of MWP in Insurance?

The MWP Full Form in Insurance is Married Women’s Property Act. We need term insurance to safeguard our wives and kids. Life insurance may not guarantee your family receives the policy proceeds if you die. Your wife and children’s guaranteed sum is protected under the 1874 Married Women’s Property Act. This article discusses term insurance coverage and policyholder and family protection under the Married Women’s Property Act.

Explaining Married Women’s Property Act:

The 1874 MWP Act, especially Section 6, is vital to term insurance. Married men might create a trust with a life insurance policy for their spouses and children. This trust is separate from the spouse, creditors, and estate. Act assures the promised sum for wife and children’s financial security.

Trust creation:

The MWP Act concerns term policy trusts. This means the trustees appointed at policy start are solely responsible for policy servicing and benefit receipt. After the insured dies, only the trustees may collect the insurance benefits. Creditors, relatives, and the deceased’s estate cannot access the claim amount.


The Married Women’s Property Act, 1874, enables term insurance customers to safeguard their families’ finances. By choosing a policy under this law, policyholders may create a trust that protects the insured amount from creditors, legal responsibilities, and joint family concerns. MWP Act gives the wife and/or children exclusive access to the claim amount, assuring their financial stability. Buy MWP Act term insurance to safeguard your family.