What is the full form of LTQ in the Share Market?

The LTQ Full Form in the Share Market is the Last Traded Quantity. The LTQ refers to a specific point of time during the market hours. LTQ keeps changing constantly, and it shows the latest information on the traded quantity.

What does LTQ indicate in the share market?

The last traded quantity is an important finance metric that indicates liquidity. A higher LTQ denotes higher liquidity and means that the security is being traded actively. Changes in LTQ are a reflection of market sentiment, and an increase in LTQ denotes strong interest in the security and vice versa. Also, LTQ helps to confirm that the trade has taken place at a particular price level, which is again an indication of market transparency.

Use of LTQ in trading platforms:

In the share market trading platforms, the LTQ will be displayed along with the other key data points such as the asking price, total trading volume, last traded price, bid price, etc. This information would get updated in real-time and help traders stay informed about the latest activity in the market. Investors should keep a close watch on LTQ to derive valuable insights into the market dynamics. It also helps them make informed decisions on entry and exit trade.