GTD Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of GTD in the Share Market?

The GTD full form in the share market is good till date or day. GTD is an open order that remains active until a specific date unless it has been canceled or fulfilled.  If the GTD orders are not executed, they will automatically get canceled at the end of the trading day, as per the date given on the order. Thus, they help avoid the hassles of entering orders again and again and also help to keep the orders open until a certain date.

How do GTD orders work?

While setting up the GTD order, the trader will select an expiry date and time until the order is operational. If it is not fulfilled within the specified date, it will get cancelled. Thus, they give the trader the flexibility to choose extended time frames for executing the order. Investors are free to place GTD orders at a specific price and quantity for stocks.

Benefits of GTD orders:

Some of the key benefits of Good Till Date orders are that they are kept open until a specific date or time and offer the flexibility for the traders to choose the trading price, duration, and quantity. It also prevents traders from multiple logins and constant monitoring.