What is the full form of DAY in the Share Market?

The DAY Full Form in the Share Market is Day Order. Day order is a type of order that is used to buy or sell a security that is valid for the trading day, on which it is being placed. The order will automatically expire if it is not executed on the same trading day. It will get canceled if it is not fulfilled at the end of the trading session.

How do the day orders work?

The trader will place the day order, by specifying the security and the number of shares and contracts at the desired price. The order will expire automatically, if it is not executed at the end of the trading session. The trader will be placing a new order, the next day if they still wish to buy or sell a security. The DAY order will be executed at any time during the trading day, if the specific conditions are met.

Advantages of day orders:

Day order provides complete control over the timing of trades, and ensures that the order will be executed within the desired trading session. As this order doesn’t carry over to the next day, it avoids overnight risks, associated with the changes in price as the market closes.