CPR Full Form in Share Market

What is the Full Form of CPR in the Share Market?

The CPR full form in the Share Market is the Central Pivot Range. It is an indicator that is used to identify the key points of price levels in trading. Traders can make use of the different levels on the chart and take up the trading positions accordingly. There are two levels of CPR in the share market, which include top central and bottom central pivot points.

Calculating CPR:

The CPR indicator calculates three price levels and is calculated on the basis of different indicators, such as the stock’s highest, lowest, and closing values that are obtained from the preceding trading day. Each of these indicators has a corresponding formula for calculating.

Pivot point = low + high + closing values /3

Bottom CPR point = low + high values /2

Top CPR = (BC) (Pivot – BC) + pivot

Advantages of CPR:

One of the remarkable advantages of CPR is its ability to offer precise entry and exit points for traders. It plays a major role in enhancing risk management strategies for the traders. It is capable of offering clear insights into market sentiment and helps traders align their trading strategies with the prevailing marketing conditions.