What is the full form of CMR in the Share Market?

The CMR’s full form in the share market is the Client Master Report. It is a PDF certificate that has been digitally signed and issued to the client by the broker, with all the details corresponding to their Demat account. This certificate will carry details with respect to the client’s date of birth, Demat ID, nomination history, bank details etc. Traders also use the CMR copy to transfer the stocks in the Demat account between brokers.

Advantages of client master reports:

It serves as an authenticated certificate for the Demat account. It can be of great use in linking the existing Demat account with another trading account with the same or different broker. It serves as legal proof for transferring the securities and helps to prevent all errors in transactions.

How to rectify discrepancies in the CMR copy?

If there are any discrepancies in the CMR copy, the trader can request an update on the same by contracting their broker. They have to make sure that the certificate has all the latest information to help avoid any issues or errors with the account.