What is the full form of AGM in the Share Market?

The AGM full form in the share market is Annual General Meeting. This is the yearly gathering of all the shareholders of the company and the board of directors. In this meeting, the directors of the company would present an annual report regarding the performance of the company to the shareholders.

What happens in the AGM?

The performance of the company would be reported by the directors to the shareholders during the general meeting. Shareholders will vote on the appointment of a board of directors, selection of auditors, and also vote on dividend payments and compensation of executives. Shareholders who are not able to attend the meeting in person can vote online or through email. Shareholders can also express their concerns and question the directors of the company.

When is the general body meeting conducted?

AGM is the only time when the shareholders of the company and its directors interact. The main motto of this meeting is to elect the board of directors and to address the problems that the company faces. Organizations that calculate their market capitalization from 31st March should ensure that they conduct the general body meeting within five months after the end of the financial year.