Evolution Gaming Share: Is it a buy or sell?

Evolution (EVO) has seen a decent share price increase recently, but could there still be room for growth? This analysis explores EVO’s current valuation, future prospects, and potential risks to help you decide if it’s a good investment for you.

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a leading provider of live casino games for online gambling companies. They create real-life casino experiences streamed to players’ devices. Imagine a high-quality video feed of a real blackjack table or roulette wheel, where you can interact and place bets online.  Evolution focuses on this “live casino” segment, and while they also offer slot games (RNG), it’s their live dealer games that drive their success.


Is EVO Undervalued?

Our analysis suggests EVO’s intrinsic value is higher than its current market price. This indicates a potential buying opportunity, but keep in mind that EVO’s stock price is also more volatile than the overall market. So, a market downturn could bring the price down further.

Growth Potential

Evolution’s future looks promising, with expected profit growth of 45% in the next few years. This suggests higher cash flow and potentially a higher share price in the future.

What This Means for Investors

Existing Shareholders:

Since EVO seems undervalued, it might be a good time to buy more shares. However, consider other factors like the company’s capital structure before making a decision.

Potential Investors:

EVO’s future outlook isn’t fully priced into the current share price yet. This could be an opportunity, but do your research and consider factors like the company’s financial health before investing.

A Look at the Risks

While EVO appears promising, there’s always some risk involved. We’ve identified one warning sign, and understanding this is crucial before investing.

Recent Performance (Q1 2024)

Evolution continued its growth trajectory in Q1 2024, exceeding €500 million in total revenue, a 16.7% increase year-over-year as per Next.io. This positive performance was driven by the live casino segment, which saw a significant 19.8% growth. However, the RNG (slot games) segment remained sluggish, with only a marginal 0.9% increase.

Despite the overall growth, Evolution acknowledges the need to further capitalize on the market opportunity in the live casino segment. CEO Martin Carlesund highlighted plans to address this by increasing capacity through faster game releases, new game tools, and the integration of AI into their systems. It was also noted that the game show Crazy Time is doing great.

Regionally, Asia emerged as the growth leader with a 28.3% revenue increase, surpassing Europe’s historical dominance. While Europe still holds the second-place position, its revenue growth was a more modest 10%.

Evolution also reported healthy growth in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), rising 15.2% to €345.8 million. Net profit followed suit, reaching €269.2 million. However, the company’s profit margin did experience a slight dip from 58.5% to 53.7%.

Carlesund emphasized Evolution’s strong financial position and commitment to continued growth. He reassured investors of their focus on expanding global operations and expressed optimism for the future.

Capacity Expansion and New Partnerships

Following challenges with meeting live service demand in Q3 2023, Evolution addressed the issue by increasing table capacity in Q1 2024 through recruitment and studio expansion. Carlesund acknowledged significant improvements in the supply-demand balance compared to the previous year.

Additionally, Evolution celebrated the launch of their live games with betting giant bet365. While Carlesund considers it positive news, he downplayed the immediate financial impact due to Evolution’s established market presence.


Evolution shows potential for future growth, but there are also factors to consider, like its high volatility and potential risks. Carefully analyze the information provided and conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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