Domino’s Pizza Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Unquestionably, India has a deep affection for pizza, making it one of the nations with the highest density of pizza shops. Indian consumers’ palates and hearts have been won over by pizza restaurants, which can be found in both populated areas and outlying areas. Because of this, a lot of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend and opening pizza restaurants—even in unlikely places like underprivileged neighbourhoods or freeways.


About Dominos

Domino’s is a global brand of pizza restaurants with its headquarters in Ann Arbor. CEO Russell Weiner oversees Domino’s Pizza, Inc., the master franchisor of the 1960-founded firm. The corporation has its headquarters at the Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor Township, which is close to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its domicile is in Delaware. With 5,649 locations in the US, 1,500 in India, plus 1,249 in the UK, Domino’s had about 15,000 locations as of 2018. Dominos has locations across 5,701 cities and more than 83 countries.

Why Pick Dominos as your Franchise-Profits with the Franchise

No matter the occasion—a family get-together, a relative’s party, an ordinary day—pizza always comes in first when it comes to foods that people of all ages love. If your business can also provide delivery services, you can easily make 2-3 lakhs INR in profits every month.  In 2018, Domino’s emerged as the leading pizza delivery service. Dominos has since raised the cost of its franchise to 30 lakhs INR for non-traditional shops and 50 lakhs INR for traditional outlets.

Cost Analysis of Domino’s Franchises: Conventional vs. Non-Traditional Locations

The initial expenditure required to begin a Domino’s franchise varies greatly depending on the kind of location. While non-traditional stores need an investment of about 30 lakhs INR, traditional outlets demand an investment beginning at 50 lakhs INR. But it is important to remember that paying too much rent could drive expenses up to a crore.

The Franchise Fee for Domino’s and Additional Upfront Expenses

In addition to the initial expenditure, there are additional costs. In India, the first franchisee must pay approximately 4.5 lakhs INR, and each additional franchisee must pay 2.25 lakhs INR. In addition, infrastructure expenditures, which include the equipment plus setup of restaurants, vary from 30 to 50 lakhs of Indian rupees.

Factors Affecting Variations in Cost

The variations in the cost of a Domino’s franchise are caused by multiple factors. A key factor is location, with premium locations requiring larger expenditures. In addition, the outlet’s size—which ranges from 200 to 1000 square feet—has a big influence on the total outlay. The cost is also influenced by the starting inventory, interior design, and equipment quality.

Area Needed for a Domino’s Store

The amount of area needed for a Domino’s store might change based on the location and layout of the store. The following are the space requirements for each format:

Restaurant for Dine-in Customers: Depending on the location and anticipated foot traffic, a Domino’s outlet for dine-in customers should have a minimum floor area of 800 square feet and a maximum of 2,000 square feet.

Delivery and Carryout Store: Based on the anticipated order volume and storage needs, this type of outlet may require 400 square feet to 1,000 square feet of area.

Express outlets: These establishments prioritize prompt service and delivery and usually take up less area. An express outlet may need anything between 200 and 400 square feet of area.

It’s crucial to remember that these costs and other values are only estimated and could change depending on unique situations, regional laws, and Domino’s franchise policies.

Procedure for Applications and Documentation

There is a thorough application process required to become a Domino’s franchisee. Formal documentation is necessary to establish the partnership, including agreements and legal permits.

Application Process for Domino’s Franchise in India

  • Send in Your Application: Fill out the franchise application that Domino’s has supplied. Make sure you have accurately filled out all the essential information and have submitted it with any applicable costs.
  • Due Diligence and Approval: After evaluating your application and running background checks, Domino’s will determine whether you are qualified to become a franchisee. You will receive a franchise agreement with terms and conditions if your application is accepted.
  • Procurement and Setup: In this last stage, you will begin assembling your store by adhering to Domino’s guidelines.


The pizza business is growing and expanding, and they are even introducing new flavors to cater to consumers’ shifting tastes. Consequently, opening a Domino’s location will be quite advantageous because of the outlet’s strong brand positioning, which will enable you to turn a significant profit. If you are thinking about starting a franchise in India, Domino’s Pizza offers an excellent chance to make significant revenue. Please be aware that real pricing may differ depending on several variables, including size of outlet, location, equipment quality, and additional needs. It is recommended that prospective franchisees speak with Domino’s Pizza officials directly to obtain accurate and current information about franchise expenses.

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