Cream Stone Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

Cream Stone started in Hyderabad in 2009. People liked it a lot, so it became trendy. More stores opened in different parts of India. They have experience making ice cream and have done research all over the world. In just 7 years, they opened stores in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. They serve the best quality and always aim to make customers happy. Many people choose to open a Cream Stone store because it can make a good profit. Now, look at the Cream Stone Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, and Apply Process.

Cream Stone

Cream Stone Franchise Fees

Cream Stone uses a standard franchise fee structure by charging an upfront franchise fee apart from the monthly royalty and marketing fees. A monthly royalty payment equal to a percentage of net sales and marketing fees as a percentage of sales have to be paid to the company. So, on the official website of Cream Stone, they haven’t mentioned the exact amount, but let’s just make an estimate. An investment of 30-50 Lakhs INR is required, along with a one-time franchise fee and an initial fee for approving the location, supply chain management, and training of the staff members.

Requirements for Cream Stone Franchise

So, here are the requirements you need for a Cream Stone franchise:

  1. Area: Your outlet needs at least 30 square feet of space for kitchen equipment and the cold stone. This ensures a calm atmosphere for customers.
  2. Experience or Skills: You need basic business knowledge. Food and Beverage industry experience isn’t necessary.
  3. Regions of Operation: Franchises aren’t available in Hyderabad due to existing locations. Cream Stone is expanding in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.
  4. Training: Manuals guide operational systems. Onsite training ensures great customer service. Regular audits fix any issues. Only approved vendors supply key equipment.
  5. Staff Requirements: Smaller areas need 3-4 trained staff, while larger areas need more. Staff must communicate well and be aware of seasonal specials.
  6. Important Considerations:
  • Cream Stone seeks dedicated full-time owners.
  • Franchises aren’t for investors but for individuals focused on running a store.
  • Partnerships, joint ventures, or Pvt.Ltd./LLP setups aren’t accepted.
  • Franchisees must operate in their cities.

For example, someone in Hyderabad can’t franchise elsewhere, and friends in different cities can’t partner for a franchise.

Apply Process for Cream Stone Franchise

To start a Cream Stone store franchise, follow these steps:

  1. First, visit Cream Stone’s official website or click on this link:
  2. Fill in the form with your name, date of birth, email, gender, age, phone number, current address, and how long you’ve lived in your city.
  3. You must submit a development plan if you meet their criteria and get selected. This plan should include details about the city where you want to open the franchise, such as population, number of quick-service restaurant brands, market size, customer spending habits, number of hotels and restaurants, and the number of ice cream brands already in the city.
  4. You’ll then have an interview with the franchise management team.
  5. Once the management approves your proposed location based on company standards, the company will register the location in its name and approve you to operate there.
  6. Finally, pay the required fee, and you’ll be granted a franchise license to operate the Cream Stone store.


We hope you now have a clearer vision of the Cream Stone franchise. They use high-quality ingredients and care about what you like. Cream Stone is the best ice cream brand with flavours that make you want more. Owning a Cream Stone franchise has benefits like support, growth, and training. They want someone who loves the brand and is ready to work full-time. Cream Stone doesn’t allow partnerships or joint ventures. Remember, they only franchise to people in the same city as their store. Owning a Cream Stone franchise could be a great opportunity for you.

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