12 Countries To Invest In Real Estate For 2024

Just like the last decade, the real estate game is looking pretty promising as we venture into the year 2024. And if you are already looking forward to investing in some really good pieces of property, not just for the sake of investing or diversifying your portfolio, but for actually making some pretty pennies, then without a doubt, investing in foreign countries would be your best bet. According to many experts in this field, there are some countries that are objectively better than others. There could be many reasons for that, like a country’s stable political scene, stable currency, foreign investment-friendly laws, and things like that. Looking at all of these factors, we have decided to put together a list of the best countries to invest in real estate in 2024. So yeah, if you are here just for that, then let’s get down to it right away. Shall we?

Top Places To Buy Real Estate in the World

Real Estate

1. United Kingdom

Have you ever dreamed of living in a centuries-old estate in the UK? Or perhaps a hip apartment in a bustling city’s heart? Well, even with all the Brexit drama, the UK’s housing game is still strong. Sure, London’s always been the big player, but cities like Manchester and Liverpool are stepping up, offering cool places without burning a hole in your pocket. But, hey, just keep an eye out on those Brexit effects and potential interest rate shifts.

2. Argentina

Imagine owning a slice of Buenos Aires, a city that feels like Europe but dances to a Latin beat. Or maybe a vineyard where you can sip your own wine. Argentina’s got all these and more. Sure, their economy has had a few hiccups, but if you’ve got some foreign currency, you could snag a real bargain. And while Buenos Aires is the star of the show, don’t sleep on spots like Patagonia. It’s stunning! Just a heads-up: the economy can be a bit wobbly sometimes.

3. Uruguay

Think of Uruguay as the quiet kid in South America who’s got his act together. Fancy a house by the beach or maybe some farmland? Uruguay’s your place. It’s got a pretty solid economy and a trustworthy banking scene. The capital, Montevideo, and the beachy Punta del Este are hotspots. But being a bit of a smaller market, sometimes selling might take a bit longer.

4. France

Have you ever fancied a chic apartment in Paris? Or maybe a charming home amidst lavender fields? France has it all, and its property scene has always been pretty rock solid. Paris is the classic beauty, but places like the French Riviera are giving it a run for its money. Just keep in mind though, owning property here might come with a bit of a hefty tax tag and some rules that could change in the coming few years.

5. Germany

And Germany is not just about those amazing cars and pretzels. Their property scene? Just as solid as their rep! People have jobs, factories are buzzing, and all this pumps up the real estate market. Berlin? It’s a cool blend of the old and the new. Munich? People there know how to live a good life! And Frankfurt? It’s the money city, drawing folks from around the globe. But, heads up, some places might be getting a bit too pricey real soon.

6. Malta

Malta, the little island gem! Mediterranean vibes with all the stuff you’re used to from back home. Tourists love it, and being in the EU gives its economy and property scene a nice little boost. Got your eye on a place? The capital, Valletta, and those beachy spots are hot picks. But remember, it’s a small island, so space is kinda limited. And yep, prices might surprise you!

7. Brazil

Brazil is huge and oh-so-diverse! Want a beach house? They got it. Fancy an apartment in the bustling city? Yup, that too. Sure, their economy has had its roller-coaster moments, but some property pockets, especially the touristy ones, are doing just fine. Cities like Rio and São Paulo are buzzing, but those coastal towns? They’ve got their own charm. Just a note though, politics and the economy can be a bit too unpredictable.

8. Spain

Paella, flamenco, and those gorgeous houses, that’s what Spain is known for! From timeless classics to ultra-modern pads, they have it all. Remember when their economy went a bit wobbly in 2008? They’ve bounced back, and now, properties are back in business. Are you a big city lover? Barcelona and Madrid are where it’s at. More of a beach bum? Costa del Sol is calling your name. Just a little advice, though double-check those property values, as some spots might be riding a bit high.

9. Antigua and Barbuda

Have you ever dreamt of owning a little slice of paradise? Well, Antigua and Barbuda might just be your spot. These Caribbean islands are all about luxury with jaw-dropping ocean views. Most folks visit for the sun and sea, pumping up the ritzy property market. Got your eye on a place? Check out English Harbour and St. John’s. But a heads up though, hurricanes can swing by, and if fewer tourists show up, things might get a bit tricky for the real estate market.

10. Turkey

Turkey is like that fun friend who brings everyone together. Sitting between Europe and Asia, it’s got this awesome mix of cultures and houses. Even with a few money hiccups, homes in places where tourists hang out are doing pretty well. Think about buzzing Istanbul or sunny spots like Antalya. But, keep in mind, politics can be a rollercoaster, and their money value? That is kinda like a yo-yo, one year it is so down and the next year pretty normal.

11. Grenada

Do you fancy another Caribbean treat? Say hello to Grenada. Imagine homes by the beach or up in the mountains, that’s pretty neat, right? Vacationers and farming keep the money flowing. If you’re scouting locations, give St. George’s or Grand Anse Beach a short. But remember, just like its cousin Antigua, it’s got those hurricanes and touristy ups and downs. After all, these two countries aren’t very far away from one another.

12. Portugal

Lastly, we’d like to suggest Portugal. This place has it all, from city apartments to beach spots and countryside mansions. With more people visiting and businesses booming, homes here are getting a lot of love. Are you a city lover? You’ve got Lisbon and Porto. Beach bums? Algarve’s your jam. Just a little tip, some spots might have prices that feel a tad too high. So yup, shop smart!


Alright. That’ll do it. If it is about investing in real estate in foreign countries, then you can’t go wrong with these countries that we have listed in today’s post. Of course, this list can change drastically over the years because of the changing geopolitical landscape, but for now, these are the best of the best.

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