10 Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs Rs. in India

Let’s assume that you have about 10 lakh rupees sitting pretty in your bank account, earning just 5% to 6% interest. But what if you could make your money work for you even more and make you loads of money in the long run? And yeah, we know that it is not like you haven’t heard of starting a business to make money, but really, you can make your 10 lakh rupees work for you. Sure, you gotta put in effort and time too, but that’s the case with every activity or action in life, don’t you agree? Well, that is precisely why we came up with this list of the top 10 profit-making business ideas under 10 lakh rupees right here in India for 2024. So yeah, let’s get to it right away, shall we?

Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs Investment

1. Ice Cream Making Business

Ice Cream

Okay, let’s stir up the scene with something absolutely chill, yeah, we are talking about launching an ice cream business. Imagine this: it’s India, where ice cream isn’t just a treat, it’s practically a way of life, loved all year round! Venturing into this frosty realm? You’re eyeing an initial splash of around 5 to 7 lakh rupees. What’s this going to get you though? We’re talking about the cool essentials, state-of-the-art freezers, top-tier ice cream machines, and the raw goods to kick off your flavor revolution. But here’s the real scoop,  success in this game is all about flavor alchemy, creating those wild, out-of-the-box flavors that make people stop in their tracks. That’s the secret sauce to melting hearts and minting profits in the ice cream business!

2. Manufacturing of Toys

Ever thought about stepping into the world of toys? It’s not just child’s play, nah, there’s serious demand for educational and quirky toys out there. Kicking off a small-scale toy factory will set you back by about 6 to 8 lakhs. This budget is your ticket to buying raw materials, some cool manufacturing gadgets, and getting the word out about your awesome toys. The Indian toy scene is thirsty for stuff that’s not just fun but also sparks those little brain cells. So, investing in some brainy research to manufacture toys that are both entertaining and educational? That’s a smart move!

3. Dine-In Restaurant

Picture this, you have your own restaurant in the rich and diverse food tapestry of India. Sounds tempting, right? You can start this culinary adventure with around 8 to 10 lakhs. This dough covers the rent, kitchen artillery, your first crew, and spreading the word. But here’s the deal though, it’s the uniqueness of your flavors and the whole dining vibe that’ll make you the talk of the town. Picking a spot that’s just right and crafting a menu that sings to the local taste buds, while throwing in your own unique twist? That’s the recipe for a hit!

4. Packaged Drinking Water

Jumping into the packaged water business? It’s not just profitable; it’s like serving a basic need here in India. You’re gonna need about 7 to 9 lakhs to start your own water world, setting up a purification and bottling plant, getting those important stamps of approval from BIS and FSSAI, and laying out your distribution network. Since this is all about health and safety, top-notch quality control must be your top priority no matter what, and you cannot ever compromise with these things, or else your business will be shut down in an instant. You see, it’s not just about meeting standards, nah, it’s more about earning your customers’ trust with every sip they take.

5. Soap and Detergent Manufacturing

Let’s talk clean business aka soap and detergent manufacturing. Always in demand, right? You can kickstart this with an investment of around 5 to 6 lakhs. That’s your ticket to grabbing the necessary raw materials, the gear to mix and mold, and getting the word out. In the soap game, it’s the little things like the smell, the feel, the packaging, that make you stand out. So, why not invest in creating something that’s not just cleaning but also wowing? Something that caters to what people are really looking for. That’s where you can really clean up!

6. Lending Library (For Books and Toys)

Now, think about diving into the world of a lending library for books and toys. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it’s not just cool, it’s a profitable gig in today’s India, especially in 2024. To kick this off, you’re looking at shelling out somewhere between 3 to 5 lakh rupees. This cash will get you a sweet collection of various books and toys, some neat shelving, and a cozy little spot for your business operations, you can rent that too. The real charm of this business? It’s simple yet so in demand for educational goodies. When you’re picking out what to stock, go for a range that speaks to all sorts of folks and kiddos. That’s your golden ticket to turning your library into a buzzing local hotspot for both learning and fun.

7. Online Boutique

Alright, let’s talk about launching an online boutique in the ever-sparkling world of fashion right here in India. You’re gonna need around 6 to 8 lakh rupees to get this show on the road. This budget’s gonna cover your super slick website setup, your starting lineup of trendy clothes, and some kick-off marketing magic. Now, the real deal in online selling? It’s all about knowing what your fashion-hungry audience is craving. So, pouring some money into figuring out the latest styles and what your buyers are eyeing is key.

8. Car Wash Company

Just imagine a car wash company, right in the heart of an urban jungle where cars are everywhere. To start this, you’d be looking at investing something like 5 to 7 lakh rupees. This is your ticket to setting up a basic yet buzzing car wash spot, snapping up all the necessary gear, and covering the first few steps of your journey. The big secret to making a splash? It’s all about where you set up shop and how awesome your service is. Find a spot where cars are practically lining up and give them a wash that’ll have them shining and their owners smiling.

9. Content Creation Hub

Jumping into a content creation hub in this digital era? It’s a hot idea! For this venture, your wallet’s gonna feel about 7 to 9 lakh rupees lighter. This cash is gonna help you lock down a cool office space, grab some top-notch gear and software, and get the word out there. In this scene you see, it’s all about how mind-blowing and varied your content is. All you gotta do is find a team with members that have insane skills, and keep an eye on the latest trends in the online world to create some killer content pieces for your clients, you know?

10. Health and Fitness Center

Lastly, opening up a health and fitness center is up next, and you’re gonna need about 8 to 10 lakh rupees to make it happen. This budget’s all about securing a space that screams ‘get fit here,’ loading it up with the best fitness gear, and getting people hyped about your place. In today’s world where everyone’s all about staying fit, your gym can totally be the next big hit. Invest in a mix of fitness programs and snag some top-notch trainers. And, make sure your space feels like a second home, somewhere that’s not just about sweating it out but also about feeling good. Keep it welcoming, keep it motivating, and watch as folks keep on coming.


That’s about it. Now, we have done our part to disclose this list, and the steps you’ll need to take, now it is your turn to do your part. That’s the thing, your money won’t work for you automatically, you must teach it the baby steps, you know?

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